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Deep Cover Criterion Blu-ray Review

“Deep Cover” brings something new to the crime drama genre.

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Your Honor Season 1 Is Now Available On DVD

After “Breaking Bad,” many were left wondering what Bryan Cranston would do next in the live-action TV world. It’s been a few years since ‘Bad’ ended, but Cranston has returned with a new starring role in the 10 episode Showtime series called “Your Honor.” Alas, this one didn’t quite make waves and has, I believe, been cancelled already. The dark legal drama/crime drama/thriller is strangely similar to “Breaking Bad” in that it involves a character going down a dark path, crime, family, morality, and so on. This time around Cranston plays a New Orleans judge who covers up his son’s accident that claimed the life of the son of a local crime boss. Of course, there are other subplots involving the crime boss family and their eldest son Carlo, court cases, a blackmail, Adam having an affair with his teacher, etc. While tense, the series is all too familiar and features truly idiotic character actions that may drive viewers mad. Sure, Cranston gives another award worthy performance, but that can only take you so far. With all of that said, the series will certainly appeal to fans of this genre of shows (along with Cranston fans).

Presentation: 16:9

Audio Track: Dolby Digital 5.1

Extras: Deleted scenes

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The Hit Criterion Blu-ray Review

“The Hit” is a Stephen Frears gem.

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Cut Throat City Blu-ray Review

“Cut Throat City” falls victim to crime drama cliches. 

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Jett Season 1 DVD Review


Carla Gugino shines in “Jett.” Continue reading

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Vice Squad: Collector’s Edition Blu-ray Review


“Vice Squad” is a trashy but watchable exploitation movie. Continue reading

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The Closer: The Complete Fifth Season

The Closer: The Complete Fifth SeasonKyra Sedgwick returns as the eccentric southern belle, Assistant Chief Brenda Johnson in charge of a special crimes unit of detectives in Los Angeles.   Continue reading

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