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10 Random Recommendations Part 17

Beavis And Butthead Volume 4 DVD Knives

I have returned with round 17 of recommendations for the holiday weekend. Enjoy!

  1. Hamilton- Everyone and their mother is talking about the release of “Hamilton” on Disney+. Now, you can see why this musical has developed such a rabid fanbase.


  1. Mission Hill- With news of a spin-off (“Gus and Wally”) getting the greenlight this week, I finally decided to check out this short-lived cult animated series. It is quickly becoming a favorite of mine.


  1. A Toy Store Near You- Fans of “The Toys That Made Us” might want to check out “A Toy Story Near You” which is all about how toy stores are trying to survive and cope during the Coronavirus pandemic. Available on YouTube and Amazon Prime.


  1. Laurel And Hardy: The Definitive Restorations- Need a laugh? There’s plenty to be had on this Blu-ray set that features 2 films and 19 shorts of the legendary comedy duo.


  1. Taco Bell- Grilled Cheese Burrito- Taco Bell’s latest limited time offer is a tasty burrito filled with cheese and nacho cheese sauce, rice, beef, red tortilla strips, chipotle sauce and sour cream with grilled cheese on the outside of the flour tortilla


  1. Beavis and Butt-Head (2011)- With Comedy Central set to bring back Mike Judge’s hilarious animated series, why not check out or revisit the underrated 2011 incarnation?


  1. Knives Out- Rian John’s best film is now available to purchase on 4K, Blu-ray, DVD or to stream on Amazon Prime.


  1. Presidents Of The United States Of America- Pure Frosting- Fans of the 90s rock band should give this compilation album a spin as it features great rarities, soundtrack hits, live tracks and B-sides.


  1. MLS Is Back Tournament- My favorite sports league (MLS) is currently scheduled to return with a tournament that begins July 8, 2020. Will it actually take place? I have no idea, but time will tell.


  1. Batman Beyond: The Complete Series- In need of a series to binge? Check out the “Batman Beyond” animated series.

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