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The Worst Films Of 2017

Bat2Hit  Bay

I have yet to compile my “Best Films of 2017” list as I still have several major films left to see. The “Worst Films of 2017” list, however, is ready to go. While I saw plenty of duds this year, I didn’t say anything that was downright atrocious thankfully. Perhaps that is because I was fortunate enough to avoid several films that were despised by audiences and critics alike such as “Snatched,” “Fifty Shades Darker,” “The Emoji Movie,” etc. Below I have listed the 10 films that I found to be the most unpleasant cinematic experiences of the year. On with the list!


  1. The Belko Experiment- A vile, unpleasant, one-note horror satire.


  1. Death Note- A disgrace to the source material and the fanbase.


  1. The Mummy- When I heard that Universal was creating a new Universal Monsters cinematic universe, I was actually excited. As a huge fan of the classic Universal Monster movies, I saw great potential in updating them for a modern generation. Unfortunately, “The Mummy” destroyed any potential the universe might have had. Nothing about this film works at all. It’s near “Van Helsing” level bad.


  1. Alien: Covenant- If you thought “Prometheus” was a bust, “Alien: Covenant” firmly puts the nail in the coffin for the entire Alien franchise.


  1. Batman and Harley Quinn- Batman smells and comments on Harley Quinn’s farts in this animated movie. Need I say more?


  1. Wish Upon- A mind boggingly inept horror movie. I couldn’t believe this script was ever approved to film.


  1. Baywatch- A reboot that is neither funny, clever or even entertaining for that matter.


  1. The Hitman’s Bodyguard- A woefully unfunny action-comedy that wastes the talents of Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson.


  1. Woodshock- The only shock is that I managed to make it through this pretentious art movie.


  1. Wolf Warrior 2- A seemingly endless action movie filled with senseless violence, bad dialogue, and one note characters.

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