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Wolf Warrior 2 Blu-ray Review


“Wolf Warrior 2” is a messy action film.

The Plot: After being imprisoned and discharged from the Chinese army, former Special Forces Operative Leng Feng decides to work at sea aboard a freighter. Unfortunately, his peaceful life soon comes to a halt, however, when he becomes caught in the middle of a war in Africa between the Government and Rebel forces along with mercenaries (led by Big Daddy). Now, Leng Feng essentially is called back into action as he tries to do the right thing by saving people (including a Doctor) and stopping the baddies.

Even though I never saw the first “Wolf Warrior” (you don’t even have to see the first to understand this film), I was intrigued to see the action film sequel that made headlines for its huge international box office. After seeing it, however, I have to wonder why so many people were seeing this film in droves.

Where do I even begin with “Wolf Warrior 2?” Granted, the movie starts out promising enough with the film’s best scene- an underwater battle with pirates trying to hijack a ship. After that intense opening sequence, however, it’s all downhill. The story is a cluttered mess as there are so many subplots crammed in here. There’s an African civil war, a mysterious bullet, the mercenaries, a disease outbreak, a Doctor needing to be saved, Leng Feng’s “godson,” and Chinese nationals. This wouldn’t be a problem if the subplots worked together and were cohesive, but they aren’t. Everything is so vague here. You don’t learn about the villain’s motivations, the cause of the civil war conflict is hidden, the characters lack characterization and so on. The only thing that the filmmakers seem to care about is the chaotic and exhausting action.

On the subject of the action, it’s a mixed bag to be sure. While there are some impressive action set pieces like the aforementioned underwater battle along with a tank battle and a car chase, the level of violence is frequently excessive and sometimes downright nauseating. This movie may hold the record for the most senseless violence put on screen with the massive amount of civilian deaths on display. Maybe I’m getting soft in my old age, but I found it off-putting and tasteless. Another issue with the action is the bad CGI. The CGI bullets and blood are dreadful and dreadfully distracting. There’s really no excuse for that in this day and age.


Presentation: 16:9 1080p. How does it look? The Blu-ray disc boasts a clean and crisp transfer of the film.

Audio Tracks: Mandarin DTS:X and English 5.1 DTS-HD MA. How do they sound? The English dub is passable at best. The original language Mandarin is clearly the track to go with here not only because it’s the clear choice, but because it has an explosive DTS:X track.

Extras: Well Go USA trailers, DVD copy, “Wolf Warrior 2” trailer, 4 behind the scenes featurettes titled “Director Wu Jing,” “Filming In Africa,” “Action Scenes” and “Wu Gang.”

Overall Thoughts: While action junkies may fall head over heels in love with “Wolf Warrior 2,” I found it to be a poorly scripted and grossly violent action film that feels like it’s from the 80’s or 90’s.

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