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Tokyo Ghoul Illustrations: zakki Book Review


“Tokyo Ghoul Illustrations: zakki” will appeal to “Tokyo Ghoul” fans and art lovers alike.

If you can’t get enough “Tokyo Ghoul” you are in luck as Viz Media has released a brand new hardcover book titled “Tokyo Ghoul Illustrations: zakki.” For those that don’t know what this book actually is all about, it is basically a big collection of the work of manga artist Sui Ishida.

After a brief table of contents, the book dives right into the art (there’s no introduction to be found here). The first portion of the book is dedicated to full page (and sometimes double page) spreads of color manga covers. Each piece is accompanied by written blurbs by Sui Ishida (translated into English) in which he talks about how he made them, compositions, the images displayed, the use of color, behind the scenes stories, characters used in the art, painting software and more.

The second section is devoted to Young Jump illustrations (AKA title page illustrations), Jump Live and Weekly Shonen Jump covers, and novel cover and inserts. Again, each image features comments by Sui. Fans can also expect to see rough draft sketches, illustrations that didn’t make cut, as well as art in different stages of completion here.

The last art section is comprised of a wide assortment of art such as a variety of character illustrations, drafts, sketches, rejected pieces, a video game April Fool’s Day hoax, comics he made, doodles, etc. The book then closes out with a brief afterword by Sui about his work.

Given the fact that an entire book is dedicated to his art, it should come as no surprise that Sui Ishida’s work is top of the line. Each and every image presented here is colorful and dazzling whether it be the iconic volume 1 cover of Kaneki, the creepy Young Jump 2012 No. 13 image of Kaneki wearing a mask, or the surrealistic Young Jump 2013 No. 35 illustration of Jarred Rize. Obviously, this book is aimed at “Tokyo Ghoul” fans first and foremost, but I think art fans will get a kick out of it as well. Sui’s comments may not be overly detailed, but I’d wager artists will find insight into his words about his creations.

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