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The Best And Worst TV Series Of 2017

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2017 was a banner year for television. Sure, there were a few disappointments (I’m looking at you “Fargo” and “Game of Thrones”), but the year saw plenty of returning favorites, beloved shows resurrected from the dead, new gems, and, more importantly, shows comprised of a wide variety of genres. Say what you will about Netflix as a company, but they once again dominated TV with new seasons of great shows and a plethora of new (and resurrected) series. Netflix wasn’t the only game in town, however, as FX, Showtime, and even CBS All Access all had something to offer. Below I have compiled a list of my ten favorite series of 2017 (along with a few notables) as well 10 of the worst shows 2017 had to offer. On with the list!

Best TV Shows:

  1. Godless- When I heard that Netflix was putting out a western, I was intrigued by the possibilities. I was not prepared for the actual show. To say this year end release blew me away is an understatement. Not only is this show the complete package, but it just might be the best western since “Unforgiven.”


  1. Mystery Science Theater 3000- After an 18 year hiatus, the cult classic made a triumphant return to Netflix. Admittedly, it takes a little time to get used to a new cast and riffing style, but once instant classic episodes like “Starcrash” and “The Christmas That Almost Wasn’t” roll around, it’s heavenly.


  1. Twin Peaks- Surprising, baffling, groundbreaking, rewarding, frustrating- David Lynch’s latest incarnation of Peaks was all of these things and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Hopefully, we will get more episodes down the line as there are so many storylines left to explore.


  1. Feud- The entire series was an acting tour de force thanks to the talents of Susan Sarandon, Alfred Molina, Judy Davis, Stanley Tucci and especially Jessica Lange.


  1. 13 Reasons Why- An emotional and challenging high school set series based on the novel of the same name.


  1. Star Trek: Discovery- After a LONG wait, “Star Trek” is finally back on the small screen and I couldn’t be happier. The Trek fanbase may be divisive on this new series, but I have found it to be a fresh new take on the long-running franchise that also manages to pay tribute to what has come before.


  1. Master of None- I never tire of seeing the characters of Dev, Denise, and Arnold. More, please.


  1. Girlboss- A show about a fashion business didn’t sound remotely appealing to me personally, but the cast (namely the ever talented Britt Robertson) and the snappy writing made this show an unexpected delight. It’s a shame there won’t be a season 2!


  1. The Punisher- For years I have been wanting to see a hard R rated Punisher series on a non-network platform and this year I got my wish. While there is plenty of vigilante violence to be had here, the series doesn’t play like you’d think (in a good way). It’s a surprisingly grounded and relevant series about war on several fronts.


  1. Love- There was no sophomore slump for this underrated relationship comedy.


Notables: “Sense8,” “Baskets,” “Easy,” “The Toys That Made Us,” “Black Mirror,” “Star Wars Rebels,” “Homeland,” “Crashing,” “The Defenders,” “Planet Earth 2,” “Inside No. 9,” “The Flash,” “Doctor Who,” “Stranger Things 2,” and “Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! Awesome 10 Year Anniversary Version, Great Job?”


Worst TV Shows:


  1. Friends From College- An insufferable Netflix series that somehow got a second season renewal.


  1. The Mist- It may have been a big year for several Stephen King film adaptations, but this needless, low budget, poorly cast TV adaptation was unwatchable.


  1. Lore- I couldn’t get past Aaron Mahnke’s inhuman and robotic narration.


  1. Powerless- An inept DC universe comedy that crashed and burned.


  1. Santa Clarita Diet- A gross and woefully unfunny zombie comedy series.


  1. Inhumans- I don’t know what’s worse, the fact that I watched every episode or the fact that the series only got worse as it went on.


  1. Class- The “Doctor Who” spin-off no one wanted.


  1. Sherlock- As a big fan of the first 3 series, it pained me that season 4 was a bust. It veered so far off from the source material and characters.


  1. The Gong Show- What was Mike Myers thinking with his Tommy Maitland character?


  1. Superstition- The wait for SyFy to redeem themselves continues.

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