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Star Wars Adventures Issue 4 Comic Book Review


The fourth issue of “Star Wars Adventures” lacks depth.

In the fourth issue of the ongoing IDW comic book series “Star Wars Adventures,” readers once again get a “Tales From Wild Space” adventure and a separate story. The comic kicks off with the first part of writer Landry Q. Walker’s “The Trouble At Tibrin.” This story finds Luke and Leia going on an undercover diplomatic mission to meet the Kalikeedan of the Ishi Tib for political reasons. Of course, the mission doesn’t go as planned when the Empire gets wind of it. The second story is “Tales From Wild Space: Mattis Makes A Stand.” This simplistic tale by Ben Acker and Ben Blacker revolves around a kid (Mattis) who gathers the courage to stand up to a bully having been inspired by heroes of the rebellion. The comic closes out with “Dispatches From Wild Space” (which contains Emil answering fan questions and a blurb about the character of Noni) along with a cover art gallery and IDW comic ads.

While I have enjoyed the “Star Wars Adventures” comics to this point for the most part, the series is certainly lacking meaningful content. Most of these stories are quick and to the point and that is especially the case with these two. “The Trouble At Tibrin” really doesn’t have much going on at all here aside from a cliffhanger ending. The fact that the Rebels act in an idiotic manner here is even more baffling. What kind of stealthy mission is this? On the plus side, the artwork by Eric Jones is worthy of praise. It has an animated series look to it but the facial expressions are rather on point.

There’s nothing subtle about “Tales From Wild Space: Mattis Makes A Stand,” but the story does a commendable job in showing the influence the rebellion has on people in the galaxy. Again, it’s VERY simplistic and straight forward, but the story at least has heart (especially when compared to ‘Tibrin’). The art by Annie Wu isn’t the best though. It has a rough and almost unfinished quality to it that is a bit distracting.

Overall Thoughts: While definitely the weakest “Star Wars Adventures” issue to date, the fourth issue is still worth a read.

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