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DVDCORNER’S 2016 Holiday Gift Guide

star-wars-catalyst-book Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles- Out of the Shadows Blu-ray captain-america-civil-war-blu-ray

With Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Small Business Saturday nearly upon us, I thought I’d help readers and shoppers out by offering up some handy gift suggestions in the DVD, Blu-ray, book, comic book, board/card game, and yes, jewelry departments.

Begun this list has!



RiffTrax Live: MST3K Reunion and RiffTrax Live: Time Chasers- In this day and age, I think we can all use some laughter and there’s nothing funnier than RiffTrax. While there are many DVD and Blu-ray options available, I’d seek out the Live “Time Chasers” and “MST3K Reunion” specials. Both titles are available to pre-order right now here http://www.rifftrax.com/rifftrax-live-mst3k-reunion and here http://www.rifftrax.com/rifftrax-live-time-chasers Note: The MST3K Reunion is also available on Blu-ray.

Scream Season 1- I know many people dismiss “Scream” as an MTV series that has no real connection to the film franchise, but it is a genuinely fun horror show that boasts an impressive ensemble cast.

Star Wars-The Force Awakens Blu-ray godzilla-1984-blu-ray Inside Llewyn Davis Blu-ray


Inside Llewyn Davis Criterion- For the film buff on your list, a Criterion Blu-ray is always a smart gift choice. Why not pick up the Coen Brothers’ most underrated film?

The Wrong Man- This Warner Archive release of Alfred Hitchcock’s film will appeal to lovers of classic films and suspense stories.

SPECTRE- You can never go wrong by giving the gift of Bond. James Bond.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens- The biggest selling Blu-ray of the year will undoubtedly be stuffed under many trees this holiday season.

Deadpool- The #1 surprise of 2016 was this wild, raunchy, and hilarious comic book movie. This will no doubt be popping up on many wish lists in the coming month.

Creed- 2015’s best film is a must own disc.

Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice- Extended Edition- Look, we all know the theatrical version was a bust, but the extended edition is legitimately good. It fixes a ton of problems with the first 2/3’s of the film and actually feels like a complete movie now.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out Of The Shadows- Easily one of the most entertaining films of the year (especially if you’re a TMNT fan).

Godzilla 1984- Kaiju fans will roar with delight if they receive this as a present.

Captain America: Civil War- An essential part of any Marvel fan’s collection.

Sing Street- Musical aficionados will adore this charming 80’s set Irish musical.

Everybody Wants Some!!- Richard Linklater. ‘Nuff said.

Eddie the Eagle- This Winter Olympics underdog tale is easily one of the year’s most heartwarming films.

Hangman- For the horror fan on your list, might I suggest this creepy little known horror film about a psychotic killer preying upon a family.

The Marx Brothers Silver Screen Collection- When it comes to the history of comedy films, the works of the Marx Brothers ranks high. This set of 5 Marx Brothers classics includes some of their finest such as the beloved “Duck Soup” and “Horse Feathers.”

Lone Wolf and Cub Collection Criterion Set- The cream of the Criterion crop in 2016. This 6 film “Lone Wolf And Cub” collection is an action film fan’s dream.

Coffee And Cigarettes- Indie film fans love them some Jim Jarmusch.

Kung Fu Panda 3- Fun for the whole family.

Swiss Army Man- A challenging and bizarre movie tailor made for an open-minded film buff.

X-Men: Apocalypse- Forget the haters. This “X-Men” sequel was an (optic) blast.

Universal Monsters: The Essential Collection- This is not a recent release, but it is an absolute bargain for the price considering you get 9 of THE best monster movies such as “The Wolf Man,” “Dracula,” and “Frankenstein.”

the-night-of-season-1-blu-ray  game-of-thrones-season-6-dvd

TV Series:

Star Wars Rebels Season 2 Blu-ray- The sophomore season of the animated “Star Wars Rebels” series is bigger and better than the first.

The Night Of Season 1 Blu-ray- The best thing to come out of HBO this year was this intense drama series.

Death Note Omega Blu-ray- One of the all-time best anime series gets a glossy new complete series set release from Viz Media.

The IT Crowd- The Complete Series DVD- One of the funniest TV series of all time finally gets a complete series collection.

Game of Thrones Season 6 DVD or Blu-ray- Since winter is indeed coming, it feels only appropriate to plug the latest “Game of Thrones” season.

Daredevil Season 1 Blu-ray- It doesn’t get much better than the first season of “Daredevil.” Worth a purchase just for Kingpin alone.

sherlock The Rocketeer At War Graphic Novel Firefly Fluxx


Adult Coloring Books- Adult coloring books are all the rage these days so why not pick up one of the recent themed titles from Harper Collins like “Sherlock: The Mind Palace: A Coloring Book Adventure,” “Die Hard: The Authorized Coloring And Activity Book,” or the festive “Home Alone: The Authorized Coloring Book”?

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Dice Masters Set- I’ve made it no secret on this site that I consider Dice Masters to be my favorite board/card game. This Masters Set includes everything you need to play a full 2 player game. It’s the best value for your dollar when it comes to Dice Masters.

Catalyst: A Rogue One Story Book- This excellent “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” prequel novel is the perfect gift for a “Star Wars” fan.

The Rocketeer At War Graphic Novel- I’m never going to waste a chance to promote something “The Rocketeer” related. This recent mini-series from IDW is a must own for any comic book reader.

Iron Man: The Gauntlet Book- “Artemis Fowl” author Eoin Colfer steps into the Marvel Universe with this YA novel that captures the character of Tony Stark/Iron Man exceedingly well.

Metallica: Hardwired…To Self-Destruct Album- After a torturous 8 year wait, Metallica returns with a rockin’ new album that was well worth the long wait.

Firefly Fluxx Card Game- I reckon people will have fun playing this ever changing card game.

Weezer: White Album- Another instant classic album from the modern rock legends.

Guitar Pendants- If you’re looking for something a little different, might I suggest checking out my good friend’s hand made guitar pendants over on ETSY here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/frenziedsilence


That’s a wrap. See you next year!

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