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Bastard Swordsman and Return Of Bastard Swordsman DVD Reviews


“Bastard Swordsman” is a fun, over-the-top martial arts flicks.

“Return Of Bastard Swordsman” is a lackluster sequel.

The plot of “Bastard Swordsman” involves an ongoing feud between the Wudang and Wu Di kung fu schools. You see, the Wudang school has constantly been embarassed by the Wu Di school in yearly fighting matches and the Wudang school is hoping to change their misfortune. This is where central character Yun Fei Yang comes into play. Yang, a seemingly wimpy man that works for the school named, is secretly training under the guidance of a mysterious figure in order to learn the virtually unstoppable silkworm skill that will bring honor to the Wudang school. Of course, there’s also a romantic subplot involving Yang as well.

As for “Return Of Bastard Swordsman,” the story continues where the first film left off. In this flick, however, a new clan is in town (Ega) and they are looking to annihilate everyone in their path. As if things couldn’t get any worse for Yun Fei Yang and Wudang, the evil Dugu Wu Di has returned and seeks to challenge Yang.    

“Bastard Swordsman” is hands down one of the most amusing and entertaining Shaw Brothers films. Sure, the plot isn’t much, but it’s irrelevant in the grand scheme of things because the movie is such a blast to watch. From the goofy dialogue and crazy wire work to the energy transfer scene and the hilarious silkworm skill move, this film has so much weirdness that you can’t help but get caught up in the fun. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that there’s tons of sword fights to boot.

While I wish I could say “Return Of Bastard Swordsman” is as good as the first film, it sadly is not. On the plus side, the film has plenty of weird sequences much like the first film. There are scenes involving Dugu Wu Di shooting laser blasts, a villain controling heartbeats and causing people to spit out their hearts using the Phantom skill, giant stars, epic flying fights, and more cocoon creating silkworm skill action. On the downside, the story is all over the place. If I were going to make a sequel to “Bastard Swordsman,” I wouldn’t have the main character (Yun Fei Yang) injured for half the film. Where’s the fun in that? The writers really should have gone a different route with this story.

Summary: “Bastard Swordsman” is well worth checking out, but unless you’re dying to see what happens in the sequel, I wouldn’t seek out “Return Of Bastard Swordsman.”

Once again, the widescreen picture quality on both films is superb. I wish more films had remasters like these.

These two DVDs contain English Stereo and Mandarin Mono. The English track contains solid voice work on both discs. The Mandarin tracks are good, but they are a little on the scratchy side.

Extras on both discs only include trailers for the “Hong Kong Connection” series, “Vampire Girl Vs. Frankenstein Girl,” “Robogeisha,” “Ichi,” “Hana,” “Love And Honor,” “Mushi-Shi,” “Daytime Drinking,” and “Ghost Train.”


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