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The Guild Season 4 DVD Review

Season 4 of “The Guild” is funny, but low-key.

After the epic and eventful season 3, the 12 episode season 4 takes it down a notch by offering up a more Guildie character centric season. Viewers can expect to see plots about Codex trying to date Fawkes, a gold getting competition to create the design for the Guild hall, Codex being forced to get a job, Codex being forced to team up with up Bladezz in order to fix her computer, the return of Zaboo’s mom, odd partnerships, and a surprise cameo appearance by a “The Big Bang Theory” cast member.

As with last season, Wil Wheaton once again steals the season as the Fawkes character. In fact, the best episode of the season sees Fawkes and Codex out on a dinner date. Without giving anything away, let’s just see it will surely have you cracking up.

Another highlight of the season is unquestionably the season finale in which viewers get a peek inside the game. What I mean by that is that we get to see the Guildie’s characters as well as the game environments. It was a nice departure from the rest of the series and it’s something I hope we get to see more of in the future.

Last, but not least, I have to say that Bladezz flourishes in this season. In the first 3 seasons, his character seemed to get the least amount of screen time, but thankfully, he gets the spotlight in season 4. Again, without giving away too many spoilers, let me just say that you can expect to see some great pirate Bladezz at the CheesyBeards restaurant moments.

The only real downside with this season is that there didn’t seem to be enough story. It felt like something was missing here or that the story was merely building to season 5. Speaking of season 5, I have to say that it looks to be very promising. As the ending (and Felicia Day) have teased, it appears that the Guildies will be attending a convention. I definitely can’t wait to see that.

Summary: While not the best season of “The Guild,” it’s still filled with plenty of laughs and great character moments.


The widescreen picture quality is hands down the best the series has ever looked. As for the Dolby Digital Stereo track, it is sufficient. This isn’t the type of series that has (or needs) a high quality audio track.

* Seasons 1-3 recap.
* A PDF script.
* A Bollywood esque ‘Guild’ music video titled “Game On”.
* Season 4 episode 1 table read.
* An amusing 4 minute gag reel.

* The full CheesyBeards commercial
* “Cheesy Beards Featurette”- The cast members chat about Cheesy Beards.
* “Avinashi Returns Featurette”- A featurette about Zaboo’s mother character.

* “The Making Of Game On”- The cast and crew talk about how the music video came about.
* Commentary by Jeff Lewis, Sandeep Parikh, Vincent Caso, Amy Okuda, Robin Thorsen, and Felicia Day. A laid back and talkative track. Worth a listen.

* Commentary by Sean Becker, Felicia Day, and Kim Evey. This is a more serious commentary that digs into the content, technical aspects, etc. I do wish the episode dialogue was muted as it’s a little distracting to hear the commentary and dialogue at once.

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