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Yogi Bear Blu-ray Review

“Yogi Bear” is another poor live-action adaptation of a classic animated series.

The plot: After the shady Mayor threatens to shut down Jellystone Park for financial purposes, Ranger Smith, a documentary filmmaker named Rachel, Yogi Bear and Boo-Boo Bear have to find a way to save the park.

As someone who grew up watching reruns of classic cartoons, it pains me to see them being turned into cringe-worthy live-action films. Granted, “Yogi Bear” is far from the worst adaptation I have seen, but in no way shape or form does it resemble what I would call a good movie.

The primary problem with ‘Yogi’ is that it is clearly a rushed product. The script barely has a plot, stars Tom Cavanagh and Anna Farris have no interest in their parts, and worst of all, Dan Akroyd is SEVERELY miscast as the voice of Yogi Bear. Seriously folks, he doesn’t sound like Yogi at all. It sounds like Akroyd trying to impersonate Yogi. Considering that I have heard impersonators and comedians do better impressions, it baffles me as to how Akroyd was chosen.

Another nauseating aspect? The humor. While there are a few chuckle worthy adult jokes and some iconic Yogi moments, there are plenty of moments that would make Yogi purists cry. No one should have to endure the painfully unfunny gags involving car windows and Yogi dancing to Sir Mix-A-Lot.

The only saving grace of “Yogi Bear” is surprisingly Justin Timberlake who voices Boo-Boo. If I hadn’t known that Timberlake voiced Boo-Boo, I never would have guessed it was him that did so. It’s a dead on impersonation and he makes Boo-Boo the only likeable character in the whole film.

Summary: “Yogi Bear” is not worth your time.


Despite what one may think of the film itself, “Yogi Bear” looks and sounds great. The 1.85:1 1080p picture quality is easily one of the best transfers I’ve seen on Blu-ray. The colors are so crisp and vivid that it even makes the lame blue/green screen work look good. As for the 5.1 DTS-HD audio track, it is as good as it gets.

* Warner trailers.
* “Are You Smarter Than The Average Bear?”- An interactive game.
* “Looney Tunes: Rabid Rider”- An entertaining new CGI animated Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote cartoon.
* “Yogi Bear Mash-Up”- A featurette about the film spliced with footage of the cartoon and the film.
* “Spending A Day At Jellystone Park”- A neat interactive map that contains tons of extras about auditions, stand-ins, voice acting, Yogi Bear, the Baskit-Nabber 2000, Ranger Jones talking about litter, a piece about the Mayor, Ranger Smith’s love song, Jellystone Park, animation, rapids, Yogi’s hiding spot, and the Frog Mouthed Turtle.

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