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Chrome Shelled Regios Part 1 DVD and The Lady Hermit DVD Reviews


“Chrome Shelled Regios” is action-packed, but lacks a unique story and characters.

Aside from an exciting conclusion, the slow pacing ruins “The Lady Hermit.”

In the first 12 episodes, viewers are introduced to the wasteland world of “Chrome Shelled Regios” in which mankind lives in mobile cities known as Regios. Outside the cities, fearsome bugs/monsters known as Contaminoids roam free. Naturally, these creatures need to be stopped.

The story switches its attention to the hero Layfon who has a mysterious past. We see him joining the Zuellni military academy and becoming a part of the 17th platoon. Throughout his stay, it becomes clear that Layton is no ordnary student as his fighting skills are mighty impressive. Who exactly is Layfon? Is he a part of the famed Haven’s Blades warriors that battle the monsterous bugs?

Episode plots involve monster slaying, students (like Nina, Felli, Harley, and Sharnid), military events like a capture the flag game, platoon fights, Layfon’s past, information about Heaven’s Blade, and a relaxing time at a pool.

Story wise, ‘Chrome’ isn’t very original. The series borrows heavily from action/warrior anime shows like “Dragon Ball Z” and sci-fi films/books with similar plots about big bugs and telekenesis such as “Starship Troopers”. As one might guess, ‘Chrome’ is nowhere near as good as those works of art that it borrows from. While ‘Chrome’ is undeniably visually exciting and action-packed, the story jumps around too much and contains underdeveloped and uninteresting characters. When the hero Layfon can’t even grab your attention, you know something is wrong. Thankfully, the fights with the DITE weapons and battles with the bugs are entertaining and make the show at least watchable.

Summary: “Chrome Shelled Regios” might appeal to some viewers, but I can’t quite give it a recommendation. If you do enjoy the series, it should be noted that Part 2 is also available on DVD.

The widescreen picture quality is impressive all around. The character models are solid, but it’s the Contaminoids and environments that really look fantastic here.

This set contains English Dolby Digital 5.1 and Japanese Stereo audio tracks. The English dub is stiff, but the action certainly puts the speakers to work. Th Japanese track, however, has the better voice acting here and is the track I would choose. On a side note, what is up with the old school Nintendo game music in this show? It is entirely out of place.

Extras include a miniature flag, textless opening and closing songs, and trailers for “Evangelion 2.22,” “D.Gray-Man,” “Rideback,” “Hero Tales,” “Excel Saga,” “El Cazador De La Bruja,” “Desert Punk,” “Dragon Ball Z,” “Chrono Crusade,” and “Ga-Rei-Zero”.

The Lady Hermit:

The plot: Student and bullwhip specialist Cui Ping is on the lookout for the legendary Lady Hermit and manages to find her in the form of a servant. The Lady Hermit, you see, has gone undercover in order to hide from the evil Black Knight while she recovers from her wounds. Anyway, after the two became fast friends, Cui Ping begins training under the Lady Hermit with the hope that one (or both) can defeat the Black Knight. Of course, there’s a romantic subplot thrown in for good measure as well.

“The Lady Hermit” is decidedly a mixed bag for me. On one hand, I found it refreshing that the story had female heroines as that is something that is severely lacking in Shaw Brothers films. On the other hand, the film is rather quite slow as there’s not enough story to fill out the entire film. Sure, there’s some amusing bits of randomness (like the cat tossing) and an action packed final 20 minutes complete with tons o’ death and sword fights, but that’s not quite enough to make ‘Hermit’ a truly memorable movie. It’s worth a rent, but don’t expect a martial arts classic here.

The widescreen quality is a bit fuzzy and wavy and spots, but it’s still another well done remaster. As for the audio, there are English and Mandarin Mono tracks on this disc. The English is a bit on the scratchy side and the monotone acting for the dub is weak. The Mandain track is far and away the best of the two tracks both in terms of acting and audio quality.

Extras include trailers for the “Hong Kong Connection” series, “Kamui Gaiden,” “Robogeisha,” “Ichi,” “Hana,” “Love And Honor,” “Daytime Drinking,” “Mushi-Shi,” and “Ghost Train”.

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