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The Supreme Swordsman and The Sword Of Swords DVD Reviews


“The Supreme Swordsman” is easily the best Hong Kong Connection release while “The Sword Of Swords” suffers from pacing and story issues. Continue reading

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Bastard Swordsman and Return Of Bastard Swordsman DVD Reviews


“Bastard Swordsman” is a fun, over-the-top martial arts flicks.

“Return Of Bastard Swordsman” is a lackluster sequel. Continue reading

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Chrome Shelled Regios Part 1 DVD and The Lady Hermit DVD Reviews


“Chrome Shelled Regios” is action-packed, but lacks a unique story and characters.

Aside from an exciting conclusion, the slow pacing ruins “The Lady Hermit.” Continue reading

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Shaolin Hand Lock and The 14 Amazons DVD Reviews


“Shaolin Hand Lock” is a fun martial arts flick.

Despite some impressive battle scenes, “The 14 Amazons” isn’t very captivating. Continue reading

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