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Aladdin (1992) 4K UHD Review


1992’s “Aladdin” is still the best cinematic version. Continue reading

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Aladdin Blu-ray Review

Aladdin Blu-ray

One of Disney’s best animated films finally gets a Blu-ray release. Continue reading

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Boulevard Blu-ray Review

Boulevard Blu-ray

“Boulevard” is a great showcase for Robin Williams. Continue reading

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The Fisher King Blu-ray Review

The Fisher King Blu-ray

“The Fisher King” is one of Terry Gilliam’s finest films. Continue reading

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A Merry Friggin’ Christmas DVD Review

A Merry Friggin' Christmas DVD

It’s easy to see why “A Merry Friggin’ Christmas” isn’t getting much press. Continue reading

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Lee Daniels’ The Butler Blu-ray Review

The Butler Blu-ray

Despite an uneven script, “Lee Daniels’ The Butler” is a poignant film. Continue reading

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Old Dogs Blu-Ray

“Old Dogs” is a family film from Disney with a bit of an edge to it.  While the script sometimes gets a bit sugary, it has enough really funny moments to not make it really sappy.  Robin Williams and John Travolta, along with Travolta’s wife, Kelly Preston, and their daughter Ella Bleu Travolta star along with Lori Laughlin, Matt Dillon, and Seth Green.  Williams and Travolta are old buddies in business together and just when they are about to make the deal of a lifetime, an old girlfriend drops in to tell Wiliams he’s a daddy of twins and that he must take care of them for a couple of weeks while she is away.

Continue reading

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