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The Witches Blu-ray Review


“The Witches” is gleefully dark and demented. Continue reading

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The BFG Blu-ray Review


“The BFG” is Steven Spielberg’s worst film. Continue reading

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James And The Giant Peach Blu-Ray Special Edition

James and The Giant Peach Blu-Ray coverThe combination Disney, Tim Burton, and Roald Dahl is a strange yet delightful film, with stop motion animation, live action and computer graphics.  Its a real treat for the eyes and even better on blu-ray. As with most Burton film’s and Dahl stories, although a children’s story, the tale has its darker moments so younger kids should probably skip it. The 79 minute film took ages to make because of the stop action sequences.  Parts of the film look grainy as a result but this is also a typical characteristic of all stop motion animation. The blu-ray picture and DTS-MA soundtrack are up to the usual high quality standards set by Disney. Continue reading

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Fantastic Mr. Fox Blu-Ray

Fantastic Mr. Fox Blu-Ray coverIt’s been a while since anyone has made a stop motion animated picture from start to finish (other than Wallace and Gomit) so this release is refreshing to watch.  Those of you who grew up with computer animated features will probably “not get” this film, as the method for moving the characters is not consistent (fur moves, jerky movements) but that is also part of the joy of this movie, as it allows a lot to be on the screen with vivid colors and textures, brought out further by the blu-ray disc’s high resolution. If you can get past the fact that this was done the “old fashioned way”, you will learn to appreciate the painstaking approach to this kind of animation and  will find a great story  for adults and kids.

George Clooney and Meryl Streep lend their voices to the main characters which involves a fox and his family life as he plots for one, last big heist against the farmers before settling down for good.  Things don’t go as planned and the animals find themselves in a major conflict with humans.  The satirical nature of the script will have adults laughing as hard as the kids but for different reasons.  I think adults may like this film even better than kids. Wes Anderson directs this film of a Roald Dahl story.  If you’ve seen or read any of Dahl’s works you can understand why this film has a lot of hidden meanings.  Add to this Wes Anderson’s quirky nature that he has in a lot of his films(Rushmore and The Royal Tenenbaums) and you have a great combination.

The disc set features a digital copy, a dvd and blu-ray discs, with additional features, such as a “making of special”, a look at the puppet makers, and a feature on characters created by Roald Dahl, making this an excellent value.  Please grab this disc set and prepare yourself for a great evening of entertainment.

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