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What’s Being Released In August 2020?

Flash Perry

WIth August approaching, I thought I’d do something new here at dvdcorner by posting a list of 10 movies, shows, albums, events and what have you to keep an eye out for in August 2020. Keep in mind I have not seen or heard anything on this list (well, I’ve seen “Flash Gordon” of course just not in 4K). These are merely media on my radar. Continue reading

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10 Most Anticipated Summer 2020 TV Series


With the theatrical experience being very limited this summer, our collective attention turns to TV for new entertainment. From May to August, there are a host of new shows, returning favorites, and plenty of reality and game shows if that is your thing. Below, I have listed my 10 most anticipated series in no particular order. It should be noted that is quite possible some intriguing unannounced series of note could be unveiled within the coming weeks, Continue reading

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