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What’s Being Released In August 2020?

Flash Perry

WIth August approaching, I thought I’d do something new here at dvdcorner by posting a list of 10 movies, shows, albums, events and what have you to keep an eye out for in August 2020. Keep in mind I have not seen or heard anything on this list (well, I’ve seen “Flash Gordon” of course just not in 4K). These are merely media on my radar.

  1. Star Trek: Lower Decks- Star Trek is boldly going where it hasn’t gone before with an animated comedy series on CBS All Access Aug. 6. It should be, to quote Spock, “fascinating.”


  1. Metallica: S&M 2- The long-awaited sequel to the first epic S&M concert release is coming to both CD and home video August 28.


  1. Lovecraft Country- HBO’s forthcoming series looks to be both socially relevant and spooky. Look for it on August 16.


  1. Katy Perry- Smile- The beloved pop star is back with a new album Aug. 14.


  1. Spree- After premiering at Sundance, this film about a psycho rideshare driver hits VOD August 14. It certainly has a lot of potential.


  1. DC FanDome- On August 22, DC is holding a major online event that promises plenty of reveals across all mediums. Rumor is we will finally get some new major video game announcements as well!


  1. Flash Gordon 4K- He’ll save every one of us…in 4K Aug. 18 thanks to Arrow Video.


  1. The Tax Collector- Writer/director David Ayer returns with a new crime-thriller Aug. 7 on VOD.


  1. An American Pickle- This Seth Rogen starring comedy coming to HBOMax Aug. 6 could easily be a one-joke movie, but hey, there’s not a lot of movies coming out right now so it’s something to look forward to.


  1. Trinkets- As a fan of season of the Netflix teen drama, I’m curious to see how it all wraps up in the second and final season on Aug. 22

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