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Road To Bali Blu-ray Review

Road To Bali

“Road To Bali” is a top tier Hope and Crosby film. Continue reading

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Sunset Boulevard Blu-ray Review

“Sunset Boulevard” is a well deserved cinematic classic. Continue reading

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Errol and Olivia:Ego and Obsession in Golden Era Hollywood by Robert Matzen

Errol and Olivia book coverWe usually don’t write book reviews here at the corner but film buffs will be delighted at this just released coffee table sized book about two of Hollywood’s biggest stars; Errol Flynn and Olivia De Haviland, still going strong in her 90’s.  The author Robert Matzen, is no stranger to Hollywood or Flynn: he wrote a previous book about the infamous house Flynn built in Hollywood,, entitled “Errol Flynn Slept Here”.

The book delves deeply into both stars backgrounds and their encounters both on and off the screen; carefully examining their personal and professional relationships in all their films together, from Flynn’s first starring role in Captain Blood to their last, touching scene in  “They Died With Their Boots On” an historically inaccurate accounting of Custer’s Last Stand.  Along the way, we are treated to some of the best stories surrounding both stars, their squabbles, and how De Haviland has since gone on to become the Grand Dame of cinema. Continue reading

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