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Road To Bali Blu-ray Review

Road To Bali

“Road To Bali” is a top tier Hope and Crosby film.

As with any Bob Hope and Bing Crosby Road movie, the plot of “Road To Bali” is immaterial. All you need to is they start out in trouble, they run from trouble, they get into more trouble, and they both fall for the same woman (in this case a Princess played by Dorothy Lamour). The comedy is what matters most here.

Before last year I had only seen a few of the Bob Hope and Bing Crosby Road films. Last year I decided to watch them all. While the films are of varying quality, they are all entertaining in their own way. Most film buffs claim “Road To Morocco” is the best of the lot and it’s hard to argue with that, but I have a soft spot for “Road To Bali.”

To me, this film encapsulates all of the best parts of the series. The humor is on point, the musical numbers are fun, the film is full of adventure, Dorothy Lamour is as charming and glamorous as ever, the rapid fire banter between Hope and Crosby is top notch, the costumes are lavish, the film amusingly pokes fun at itself, the running gags are memorable, and the cameos are fantastic. Simply put, it’s just a joyous classic comedy that makes you wish these type of films were still made today.


Presentation: 1.33:1 1080p. How does it look? “Road To Bali” (the only road film in color) looks quite impressive in hi-def. Yes, there is dirt and scratches on the print but the colors really pop here.

Audio Track: 2.0 DTS-HD MA. How does it sound? This is surprisingly lively for a 2.0 track. A quality audio track to be sure.

Extras: * Trailers for other Bob Hope Kino Lorber trailers. * A talkative and informative commentary by film historians Mark Evanier and Michael Schlesinger.


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