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Terror In A Texas Town Blu-ray Review


“Terror In A Texas Town” is a solid gritty western.

In “Terror In A Texas Town,” a power hungry hotel owner (McNeil) who wants to take control of the Texas town Prairie City is attempting to acquire more land by any means necessary. In an attempt to do so, he hires the one handed gunfighter Johnny Crale to do his dirty work. One such instance of his dirty work results in the death of an old ex-whaler named Mr. Hansen. A few days later, Hansen’s son George comes from his whaling job and learns of his father’s death. To say anything more would be spoiling the chain of events.

Directed by film noir veteran Joseph H. Lewis, “Terror In A Texas Town” does not feel like your traditional western. It’s a character centric, stylistic and darker film both in terms of lighting and tone. There’s no goofy humor or comic relief character to be found here. It’s a downright serious story about justice, death, and conflicts. Yes, the story of vengeance and land trying to be taken is all too familiar, but the film around it manages to feel fresh to a certain degree. In fact, it really does feel like a western mixed with a film noir which makes sense given the director’s background. The movie is perhaps most notable for containing some unique stand-out elements such as a whaling hook being used as a weapon and a conflicted killer named Johnny Crale (played by a scene stealing Nedrick Young).

One element that doesn’t quite work is the character of George played by Sterling Hayden. Hayden is usually a reliable actor, but in this film, he has to sport a Swedish accent. It doesn’t work. At all. On top of that, the middle act focusing on his character tended to be the least interesting part of the movie. The beginning and end is where the movie really shines.


Presentation: 1.85:1 1080p. How does it look? The B&W film’s 2k restoration is very grainy but the hi-def clarity is apparent.

Audio Track: Uncompressed Mono 1.0 PCM. How does it sound? It’s a pretty low sounding Mono track but it’s OK.

Extras: * A booklet featuring photo stills, credits, and an essay by writer/author Glenn Kenny. * A “Terror In A Texas Town” theatrical trailer. * “A Visual Analysis”- Author Peter Stanfield talks about shots, the style of filmmaking, the use of repetition, and more. * A 13 minute intro by Peter Stanfield who talks about Joseph H. Lewis, “Terror In A Texas Town,” politics, etc.


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