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Dragon Ball Super Volume 1 Manga Review


“Dragon Ball Super” is off to a super start in volume one.

Set after the events of the “Dragon Ball” manga series, writer Akira Toriyama’s manga series “Dragon Ball Super” jumps forward in time to find Goku living peaceful life with his family. Things are a little too calm for Goku but that is about to change as Goku decides to train with Kaio-Sama. Meanwhile, elsewhere in the universe, Lord Whis and the destructive Lord Beerus have their sights set on Goku. From there on out, the story introduces a flurry of subplots involving another destructive warrior (Lord Champa and his teacher Vados), other Universes, Dragon Balls and Wishing Balls, and a new tournament.

Aside from some infantine humor and story elements involving yet another foe that is more powerful than all before him and a new tournament (how predictable), it’s nice to dive back into the DB universe once again as we (the readers) meet old and new characters. While it’s always refreshing to see fan favorites like Vegeta, it is the new elements of this debut volume that caught my eye the most. I found myself particularly drawn to the multi-Universe mythology as well as the Beerus and Champa dynamic which brings something new to the table (I won’t say what their dynamic is though). Additionally, the new Tournament also brings some interesting surprises. Usually I find the tournament stories to drag on and on, but this one is different from the norm. Not only are the stakes unusual, but there are curious new characters as well. Basically, “Dragon Ball Super” manages to make everything feel fresh and new while also catering to longtime fans. This storytelling approach was much appreciated.

In what should come as no surprise, the art by Toyotarou is downright fantastic. Between the character models and the explosive high flying action, your eyes will be glued to the details in every panel.

Note: The manga concludes with a bonus short story about Planet of the Lords, interview with Toyotarou and Akira Toriyama.

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