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10 Thoughts On The 93rd Oscars

After the debacle that was the 2021 Golden Globes, The Oscars had to be better right? Not really. This was easily the worst Oscars show I have ever seen. Yes, even worse than the trainwreck that was hosted by James Franco and Anne Hathway. I can give the show some leeway given that it is taking place during a pandemic. Obviously, safety was of the utmost importance and the show had to be different, but the show forgot to be entertaining. Below I have posted 10 thoughts on the show as a whole. 

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5 Great Chadwick Boseman Performances

Panther 42

Yesterday the world was shocked to learn that Chadwick Boseman passed away from cancer. Out of respect for the ultra talented man who was taken from this world far too soon, I thought I’d pay tribute to him by singling out the best performances from his magnificent career. Continue reading

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