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10 Random Recommendations Part 31

With nearly all of the major summer movies already out and the TV landscape being a little dry for the next month, now felt like the proper time to recommend some entertainment for you all. On with the list!

1. Players- The best current TV series you likely don’t know about. A surprisingly funny, observant and rewarding comedy about esports gamers (particularly “League Of Legends” players).

2. Pink Flamingos Criterion Blu-ray- A candidate for the best Blu-ray release of the year (if you can stomach this John Waters cult classic that is). Great packaging, great transfer, and great extras. 

3. Ghost Light: A Night In Asbury- One of my current favorite bands is this jam band on the rise. Their studio album “Best Kept Secrets” is a good starting place, but their live material (especially “A Night In Asbury Park”) is where they really thrive.

4. One Armed Boxer Blu-ray- An absolutely intense, action-packed 1971 martial arts movie that deserves more attention. 

5. Mad God- If you’re looking for something out there, experimental, disturbing and downright bizarre, you have to see this stop-motion animated film that was in production for 30 years. 

6. The Bob’s Burgers Movie- As someone that isn’t into the TV series, I was shocked to find at how funny and engaging this big screen feature was. Honestly, it just might be the theatrical movie of the summer so far.

7. Hollywood Stargirl- You don’t need to see “Stargirl” to watch this heartwarming sequel about family, music, home, and connections.

8. The Kids In The Hall (2022)-  For some reason, there wasn’t a ton of press about this revival series on Amazon. It’s a shame as it was a real return to form for the comedy troupe. 

9. Star Trek: Strange New Worlds- Now that season 1 has wrapped, I can safely say this is the best Trek series since Deep Space Nine. Not only is it great to see episodic Trek again, but the cast is largely fantastic (especially Anson Mount and Ethan Peck).

10. Beavis And Butt-Head Do The Universe- After 26 years, the dumbass duo return in a brand new movie (with a new series set to start in a few weeks). It was worth the wait.

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