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The DC Book Of Lists Book Review

“The DC Book Of Lists” digs deep into DC Comics history.

Written by Randall Lotowycz, the Running Press title “The DC Book Of Lists” (AKA “The DC Book Of Lists: A Multiverse Of Legacies, Histories, And Hierarchies”) is different from other DC book releases as of late. No, this doesn’t contain typical top 10 lists like Top 10 Batman villains, Top 10 Superpowers or what have you. Instead, readers can expect 96 lists that cover all the bases in the world of DC comics. Of course, there are character centric lists about Sucidie Squad members killed in action, Harley QUinn’s numerous jobs, Bruce Wayne’s family tree, and races between Superman and The Flash, but there’s also lists involving aliens, AI, teams, groups, organizations, secret populations of Earth (Mole Men!), special books/texts, marriages, Batmobile designs through the years, multiverses, dimensions, Flashpoint, time lines and so forth. Each entry is accompanied by comic art images. The book is preceded by an introduction and concludes with a list of all the characters featured on the cover, art credits, and acknowledgements. 

For those wanting deep cut information on DC Comics or strange facts about the comic company’s comic history, “The DC Book Of Lists” is for you. This isn’t just another book dominated by Batman and Superman details as we so often see. There’s so much to learn within these pages whether it be western era characters, 50 names of Green Arrow’s specialty arrows (who knew there was a Jack-In-The-Box arrow?), cat and primate characters, the numerous Doctor Fates, characters John Constantine screwed over, the various Manhunter ages, and, my personal favorite, the instances in which characters found Darkseid waiting at home for them (so random and amusing). You’re also likely to come across oddball characters you want to know more about ala The Trigger Twins, Joe Potato, Super-Hip and Speed Queen (yes, these are real characters). 

The only real downside to this book is that a few entries do not have character descriptions ala the Magic Users section. Granted, this was probably due to space, but it would have been nice to see details for each character listed instead of just a list of names. 


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