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10 Most Underrated A24 Films

A24 is having a banner year in 2022 with the hit horror film “X,” the acclaimed “Marcel The Shell With Shoes On,” and, of course, the current film of the year in my opinion, “Everything Everywhere All At Once.” Given that the indie studio has put out some of the most original and best movies in its 9 years of existence, I thought I’d put together a list of the 10 most underrated A24 films (in no particular order). We all know about their modern classics like “Midsommar,” “Moonlight,” “Uncut Gems,” “Room,” “Ex Machina,” and “The Disaster Artist” so those won’t be included here. 

1. Under The Silver Lake- As big of a name as Andrew Garfield is, it’s a real shame this ultra bizarre David Robert Mitchell directed film doesn’t get more attention. Where else are you going to see a subplot involving Nintendo Power?

2. Locke- Tom Hardy is one of the biggest actors in the world, but he gives one of his best (if not his best) performance where he simply drives a car and talks on the phone. 

3. Enemy- Denis Villeneuve has gone on to become one of the most acclaimed directors, but for whatever reason, this Jake Gyllenhaal starrer remains relatively unknown. It’s a must watch for the wildest ending you’ll ever see alone.

4. Slow West- A western with Michael Fassbender. Do you need anymore of a reason to check this one out?

5. Swiss Army Man- Before Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert went on to helm the amazing “Everything Everywhere All At Once,” they made this surreal masterpiece that really can’t be described. It just has to be experienced. Oh, and Daniel Radcliffe and Paul Dano are at the top of their game here.

6. Good Time- Before he went on to crush it in “The Batman,” Robert Pattinson showed off his acting chops in this intense crime thriller from the Safdie Brothers (who also directed the equally intense modern classic “Uncut Gems”).

7. The End Of The Tour- A deeply emotional drama about an interview session between reporter David Lipsky and the acclaimed late novelist David Foster Wallace (played by Jason Segel in a truly award worthy performance).

8. Mississippi Grind- Directors Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck may be best known for “Captain Marvel,” but before they directed that MCU film they released this gambler centric story starring the always excellent Ben Mendelsohn and Ryan Reynolds.

9. The Spectacular Now- A grounded and relatable teen romance with an all-star cast (including Shailene Woodley and Miles Teller in his first starring role).

10. Lean On Pete- I could have gone with several films in this last spot like “Mid90s” or “American Honey,” but ultimately this drama won out because it truly deserves more attention. It’s a small, quiet and moving road story about a teen and an aging racehorse. It sticks with you.


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