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What’s Being Released In June 2022?

After a massive May, June seems a bit light in the entertainment department. Worry not, however, as there’s still plenty coming in the movie, TV, album (and other) realms. 10 of the most intriguing offerings of June are listed below.

1. Jurassic World: Dominion- Without the doubt the biggest release of June is the sixth installment in the Jurassic Park franchise which will feature cast members from both the Park and World series. The sequels don’t have the best track record, but hopefully the cast can at least elevate this one. June 10

2. Ms. Marvel- A new character enters the MCU with Ms. Marvel. The MCU offerings have been largely underwhelming after Spider-Man, but maybe this one can break the mold. June 8 on Disney+

3. Xbox-Bethesda Conference- Now that E3 isn’t happening, this conference will shed light on future games for the Xbox console. Will there be some big reveals and release date announcements? We’ll find out June 12. 

4. The Old Man- The long delayed Jeff Bridges starring FX drama is finally hitting screens. June 16.

5. Goose: Dripfield- One of my personal favorite bands is back with a new album. If you haven’t checked this band out yet, get on it. June 24.

6. True Romance 4K- The Tony Scott directed (and Tarantino scripted) classic romantic crime drama gets the 4K treatment. Have a slice of pie after you watch it on June 28.

7. Weezer- SZNZ: Summer- Weezer’s second season themed album is set to be released the first day of summer (June 20).

8. Lightyear- Pixar’s latest film is all about the Buzz Lightyear that inspired the toy that we see in “Toy Story.” It’s a curious experiment to be sure, but will it pay off? June 17 in theaters

9. Dashcam- As a fan of the underrated horror film “Host,” I’m extremely curious to see director Rob Savage’s follow-up “Dashcam.” June 3.

10. Crimes Of The Future- David Cronenberg returns with another wild sci-fi body horror film. What else needs to be said? June 10.


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