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Ray Donovan: The Movie DVD Review

“Ray Donovan: The Movie” is strictly for fans of the series.

“Ray Donovan” may have been canceled after season 7, but Showtime opted to give fans a proper conclusion with a 99 minute movie that serves as a series finale. The gritty drama deals with the aftermath of the season 7 finale with Ray’s daughter Bridget’s boyfriend’s death and Ray’s father on the run. Ray Donovan (a professional fixer) decides to travel to Boston to find and confront his father. Ray’s brothers Terry, Daryll, Bunchy and Ray’s daughter Bridget’s arcs are also covered here. Elsewhere in the movie, the story delves into pivotal flashbacks to Ray’s past and how his father ended up in jail.

Directed by David Hollander and written by Hollander and Liev Schreiber, “Ray Donovan: The Movie” is a story designed to give fans (and the show’s creatives) closure. If you weren’t a fan of the series about a dysfunctional family, violence, and trauma, the movie isn’t likely to change your mind. Personally speaking, the crime drama series was clearly drawn out long past its expiration date. The show and the characters got stuck in a cycle of violence (even if that was the point). The movie does at least offer up a fairly satisfactory ending in terms of wrapping storylines up. Is there a few too many scenes of Ray wandering around looking for his dad Mickey and Mickey running around with a briefcase? 100%. If you can look past those moments and the inevitable crime drama cliches, you’ll find the movie wisely gets to the heart of the characters.

Since the show’s debut, there’s no denying the fact that stars Liev Schreiber and Jon Voight carried the series with their strong award nominated performances and that certainly goes for the movie. Even when the writing is lacking, they own the screen and kept you invested in the drama all the way until the end credits roll.


Presentation: 16:9. Grade: B. Note: This title is also available on 4K and Blu-ray.

Audio Track: Dolby Digital 5.1. Grade: B

No extras have been included.

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