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10 Random Recommendations Part 27

New recommendations heading your way, readers!

1. Weezer- Van Weezer- Weezer’s new album is pure fun arena rock/power pop.

2. Stowaway- I was getting ready to declare a moratorium on space disaster movies, but this Netflix film won me over with its very intense and ultimately emotional story.

3. They Won’t Believe Me Blu-ray- This rather dark and obscure film noir deserves more attention.

4. Adventures In Wonderland- Anyone who grew up on 90’s Disney Channel shows will be pumped to know that this forgotten children’s show has been added to Disney+.

5. The Mitchells Vs. The Machines- Originally scheduled for release theatrically under the name “Connected,” Netflix acquired the film and recently released it. Expect this to be a real contender for Best Animated Film of the year. It’s that good.

6. Star Wars: The Art Of Galaxy’s Edge- Star Wars and Disney Parks fans will be in heaven with this new art book release that is filled with revealing goodies.

7. Star Wars: The Bad Batch- More Star Wars? Yup! This new animated series (which serves as a Clone Wars sequel) is off to a fantastic start as it explores the post “Revenge of the Sith” timeline.

8. DEW-S-A- The fan favorite 3 flavor Mountain Dew drink makes its return to store shelves.

9. Wrath Of Man- Guy Ritchie is back with a surprisingly gritty crime drama/revenge film/heist film.

10. Pearl Jam Live Albums- As of last week (I believe), PJ released tons of archival live albums on music streaming services such as Spotify. If you’re a fan of the grunge rockers or miss seeing live shows, check out some of shows of one of the best premier live bands.

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