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Switchblade Sisters Blu-ray Review

“Switchblade Sisters” is in the upper echelon of grindhouse cinema.

1975’s “Switchblade Sisters” revolves around the female high school street gang known as The Dagger Debs (led by Lace) who are an affiliate of the male gang the Silver Daggers (led by Dominic). The general story revolves around a young woman named Maggie who ends up joining The Dagger Debs. Her inclusion isn’t without drama though as serious drama between her and Maggie begins to build up. If that wasn’t enough, a rival male gang known as the Crabs begins to stir up trouble.

If you’re looking for high art, this isn’t it. This is the type of bad girl exploitation cinema that Quentin Tarantino lives and breathes. Heck, there was even a VHS release back in the day that Tarantino presented. What you can expect is a fast paced, violent, entertaining 91 minute Jack Hill directed action flick that is filled with baffling leaps of logic in the script (by F.X. Maier) that you’ll find yourself going with, quirky characters, implausible but intense action, and a cast in which no one remotely looks high school age. Nothing resembles the real world here (especially the Juvenile Detention Center sequence) and that’s perfectly fine for a movie like this. It never intends to be going for realism. It’s just a pure 70’s grindhouse movie that wants to entertain you.

Going back to the cast, there’s some fun performances here. Joanne Nail completely steals the movie as Maggie. She’s a tough badass who has some of the best acting chops in the movie. Monica Gayle shines as the wishy washy eye-patch sporting Patch. Robbie Lee makes the jealousy consumed Lace come to life while Asher Brauner is convincing as the slimy Dominic.


Presentation: 1.85:1 1080p. How does it look? This hi-def print maintains the grit and grain of the original print while providing a nice upgrade.

Audio Track: LPCM 1.0 Mono. How does it sound? A satisfactory Mono audio track.

* A booklet with photos, credits, an essay by film critic Alexandra Heller-Nicholas, an interview with Jack Hill by Alexandra Heller-Nicholas, and an essay by Heather Drain.
* Trailers for “Switchblade Sisters,” “The Jezebels,” “Spider Baby,” “Pit Stop,” “Coffy,” “Foxy Brown,” and “The Swinging Cheerleaders.”
* Behind the scenes, promo stills, lobby cards, posters and home video still galleries.
* Archival interviews with Jack Hill, Robbie Lee and Joanne Nail.
* “Jack Hill And Joanne Nail At The Grindhouse Film Festival”- 2007 interviews with the director and star from the film fest.
* “Gangland: The Locations Of Switchblade Sisters”- Jack Hill and Elijah Drenner tour shooting locations.
* “We’re The Jezebels!”- A 39 minute making of featurette with cast and crew interviews, production stories, story discussions, and more.
* An informative commentary by film historians/film critics Samm Deighan and Kat Ellinger.

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