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10 Great Live Albums

Cash DMB

If you’re missing the live concert experience worry not as there are thousands of live albums available to hear (not to mention thousands of official concert videos on YouTube or DVD). Below I have posted 10 favorites. They may not be the best of the best in terms of all of the live albums, but they perfectly demonstrate the band’s artistry on stage. Of course, I could have listed many more, but this is a good starting point. On with the list!

  1. Phish- A Live One- Truth be told, I could make a top 10 list of Phish live albums (and maybe I will someday). For now though, you can’t go wrong with this compilation album of live tracks from 1994 that includes many of their best songs and some of their most beloved jams. 


  1. Metallica- S&M- Before the sequel comes out soon, catch up with the first release which pairs Metallica with the San Francisco Symphony. It sounds like an odd combo, but it’s truly special.


  1. Dave Matthews Band- The Central Park Concert- Again, I could populate this last with DMB live albums, but I think this classic concert is a great representation of just how rocking this band is live. 


  1. Pearl Jam- Live On Two Legs- PJ is another band that has a large amount of live albums, but their first live release is among their best. It’s a great starting point for anyone wanting to get into the band’s live catalog. 


  1. Eric Clapton- MTV Unplugged- The MTV Unplugged series boasts many iconic performances from the likes of Nirvana and Alice In Chains, but Clapton’s set sticks with me the most if for no other reason than that perfect “Layla” performance. 


  1. John Mayer- Where The Light Is- You get 3 concerts in 1 here with an acoustic set, an incredible set with the John Mayer Trio and a set with Mayer and his touring band.


  1. Bruce Springsteen- Live 1975-1985- Springsteen is one of the most celebrated live artists of all time and this 3 disc set is a worthy introduction to The Boss on stage.


  1. Johnny Cash- At San Quentin- “At Folsom Prison” is great and is easily his most treasured live album, but this one is a gem too. The versions of “I Walk The Line” and “A Boy Named Sue” are particularly noteworthy. 


  1. Jimi Hendrix- Live At Woodstock- Arguably one of the greatest live performances ever. That “Star Spangled Banner”!


  1. Bob Dylan- The Royal Albert Hall Concert 1966- Dylan is another artist with a massive amount of live albums, but this classic that contains an acoustic set and a set with his band might be his best. 

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