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The Room DVD Review


“The Room” is one of the better horror films as of late.

Not to be confused with the Tommy Wiseau bad movie masterpiece, 2019’s horror film “The Room” tells the age old story of a couple (Kate and Matt) moving into an old house that has a dark past (which they are unaware of initially). As they move in all of their belongings, they discover a secret room that grants them any wish. Before they know it, they are swimming in money, material goods, food, booze, and even a child. I won’t go into what happens next, but I will say that the wishes have limits and consequences. Dun dun dun!

Before you state there should be a moratorium on creepy house movies, I will say that “The Room” is actually much more than that as it combines 3 horror subgenres- creepy house, creepy wishes, and creepy kid. Again, I won’t go into spoiler territory, but the demented story scripted by Christian Volckman (who also directs), Sabrina B. Karine and Eric Forestier doesn’t unfold like you’d think which makes it stand-out from all the imitators, remakes, reboots, and uninspired horror dreck that tends to hit the marketplace. Even more refreshing than that, this is far more of a psychological horror film about greed, family, and choices than a jump scare driven one that you see so much of these days. This is a horror film with some depth and thought to it.

Given that the film revolves around Olga Kurylenko and Kevin Janssens as Kate and Matt, it is crucial that the two have chemistry together. Thankfully, the 2 actors are completely game for the warped project as they find their character’s lives becoming ruined by the house and their own actions. 


Presentation: 2.39:1. How does it look? Expect a crisp standard definition transfer. 

Audio Track: Dolby Digital 5.1. How does it sound? This is an effective 5.1 track in which you can hear every odd noise within the house.

The lone extra is a free Shudder 30 day trial.

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