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10 Recommended Warner Archive Blu-rays

Budd Batman

When it comes to labels putting out Blu-rays, Warner Archive is among the best. Not only do they release modern TV shows, but they dig deep into the archives (pun intended) to release classic movies (including a lot of relatively unknown gems). Before you hop on over to https://www.wbshop.com/collections/warner-archive to check out what they have to offer, allow me to suggest 10 Blu-ray titles that are absolutely worth picking up. On with the list!


  1. Batman: Mask of the Phantasm- This 1993 animated feature is one of the best Batman films (if not the best).


  1. Ride The High Country- When it comes to the work of director Sam Peckinpah, “The Wild Bunch” always gets the most attention, but this underrated western might be his crown jewel.


  1. Billy Budd- An intense character drama on the high seas.


  1. The Sea Wolf- Based on the Jack London novel, this seafaring character study features a stunning performance by Edward G. Robinson.


  1. Shaft Triple Feature- A 3 film set that contains the original “Shaft,” “Shaft’s Big Score!,” and “Shaft In Africa.” Can you dig it?


  1. The Set-Up- Director Robert Wise’s boxing film/film noir is a knockout.


  1. Whatever Happened To Baby Jane?- Bette Davis and Joan Crawford star in this 1962 classic about a the truly warped dynamic between the Hudson sisters.


  1. A Mighty Wind- A mockumentary gem about folk music from director Christopher Guest. Note: The highly amusing “Waiting For Guffman” is also available from Warner Archive.


  1. Superman: The Movie- Extended Cut and Special Edition- One of the greatest superhero/comic book films gets a splendid release that features 2 cuts of the movie.


  1. 7 Brides For 7 Brothers- The story may be problematic, but this lively musical features some of the best song and dance numbers in musical movie history.

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  1. Great list!

    Comment by TSfan98 | June 19, 2020 | Reply

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