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Urban Cowboy Blu-ray Review


“Urban Cowboy” is certainly no “Saturday Night Fever.”

In 1980’s “Urban Cowboy,” a country boy named Bud up and moves to Houston to live with his uncle and work at a plant alongside him. While there, he finds love with a woman named Sissy and his true calling as a mechanical bull rider. Alas, Bud’s own personal flaws get in the way of his romance and his dreams which could doom everything for him.

Unless you have an affinity for country western based movies, mechanical bulls, and or Gilley’s club OR are a devoted John Travolta fan, I don’t see the appeal of “Urban Cowboy” whatsoever. This movie plays like a Texas honky-tonk version of “Saturday Night Fever” with Travolta’s Bud character making a move to the big city to live out his dreams (and find love), but the problem is, Bud is an awful human being. He has a bad temper, he’s misogynistic, he’s abusive, he’s prideful, he’s selfish, and he cheats on his wife. And we’re supposed to root for him and poor Sissy to be together because the other man Sissy sees (Wes) is an even worse person to her? What kind of demented backwards movie did director and co-writer James Bridges and writer Aaron Latham dream up?

Another baffling aspect of this movie is the 134 minute runtime. It would be acceptable if the film was full of plot and character, but the movie barely has a story to speak of. Much of the time, the characters just hang out at Gilley’s like it’s the only thing to do in life.

I wish I could say the cast redeems the movie a little, but they’re all saddled with such awful characters to play. I’ve  already gone over Travolta’s Bud. Not even his charisma can salvage this despicable character (I don’t care if he does learn from his mistakes!). Debra Winger is fine in the role of Sissy, but you are left wondering why she would ever go back to Bud or ever date Wes. Speaking of Wes, he’s the standard bad guy here gleefully played by Scott Glenn. 


Presentation: 2.39:1 1080p. How does it look? Expect a nice clean hi-def upgrade.

Audio Track: 5.1 DTS-HD MA. How does it sound? An impressive 5.1 track that really comes alive when the soundtrack kicks into gear. Speaking of which, the soundtrack is easily the best thing about this movie as it contains the likes of Bob Seger, Joe Walsh, Eagles and The Charlie Daniels Band.

* Digital copy
* 4 deleted scenes and 2 dancing scene outtakes
* Rehearsal footage of John Travolta on the mechanical bull, Debra Winger on the mechanical bull and the 2 of them together on it.
* “Good Times With Gilley: Looking Back At Urban Cowboy”- An interview with Mickey Gilley who is the co-owner of Gilley’s Dance and Night Club which was heavily featured in the film.

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