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5 Recommended Spike Lee Films

Do Black

In honor of “Da 5 Bloods” being released today on Netflix (which I will be watching soon myself), I felt compelled to write up a list of 5 Spike Lee films that viewers must see if they haven’t done so already (in no particular order). On with the list!

  1. Malcolm X- Denzel Washington + a biopic done right. What more needs to be said?


  1. BlacKkKlansman- Not only is this one of the best films of the past decade, it’s also becoming increasingly more relevant with each passing day.


  1. Bamboozled- An overlooked satire of the entertainment industry. Note: Criterion just released a new edition of this film.


  1. Do The Right Thing- A deeply important film that is often cited as Lee’s masterpiece. It’s hard to argue with that claim.


  1. She’s Gotta Have It- The Netflix series was solid in its own right, but the film was a tighter and better comedy. It also features one of (if not the best) Spike Lee performance as Mars Blackmon.

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