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Uncut Gems Blu-ray Review


A true gem.

Howard’s life is falling apart. He has gambling debts, he owes money to a brother-in-law who is putting a great deal of pressure on him (to say the least), he’s about to be divorced from his wife, and he is feuding with his wild girlfriend who also works at the jewelry store he runs. All of his hopes lie on a rare Ethiopian Opal which he is looking to sell at auction. Unfortunately, what should be a simple transaction turns into a nightmare after a series of incidents. Can Howard get out of the messy situations he is in?

After directing the criminally underseen “Good Time,” Josh and Benny Safdie (AKA the Safdie Brothers) return with another film that proves they are the real deal (that opening credit sequence alone!). Written by the Safdie Bros. and Ronald Bronstein,“Uncut Gems” is an intense whirlwind of a movie about dreams and decisions. The in your face style puts you right into the chaotic world of Howard who gets himself deeper and deeper into a hole. Some viewers may be put off by the constant shouting and cursing and the overpowering score by Daniel Lopatin, but, to me, it fit. Howard lives a big, loud, and clearly stressful existence. I could go into more detail but believe me when I say it’s best to go on this journey knowing as little as possible. 

Adam Sandler delivers his best work as Howard. There’s no doubt he’s made a name for himself in comedic films and, sure, some of them are fun such as “Billy Madison” and “The Wedding Singer.” Sandler has really shined brightest in more serious roles as with “Punch-Drunk Love” and now “Uncut Gems.” Between the ability to show the character’s depth and to dictate the pace and tone of the movie through his character’s actions, it’s baffling how the actor was snubbed by the Oscars. At least he won an Indie Spirit Award for his work! The supporting cast here is aces. Rapper The Weeknd shines in a small role, newcomer Julia Fox makes a big impression as the employee/girlfriend Julia, Lakeith Stanfield can do no wrong, Eric Bogosian is fantastic as Howard’s conflicted brother-in-law Arno, and Idina Menzel shows real range as Howard’s wife Dinah who can’t put up with him anymore. The real surprise here though is former NBA star Kevin Garnett who plays himself. There’s even a major NBA subplot here which basketball fans will surely get a kick out of.


Presentation: 2.39:1 1080p. How does it look? Happy to report the hi-def transfer maintains the gritty style of the film.

Audio Track: 5.1 DTS-HD MA. How does it sound? A 5.1 track with a great deal of depth. 
* DVD copy
* Digital copy
* Lionsgate trailers
* “Money On The Street: Making Uncut Gems”- A half-hour making of featurette with interviews, film clips, story and character discussions, set footage, production stories, and more. 

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