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Spies In Disguise Blu-ray Review


“Spies In Disguise” is different from your average animated film.

In this 2019 Blue Sky Studios animated film, the story revolves around an egotistical H.T.U.V. renowned spy named Lance Sterling who always gets things done by any means necessary. After returning from a botched assignment, he is framed from a crime he didn’t commit and is forced to go on the run. He turns to an eccentric outcast scientist wiz kid (Walter) who he initially doesn’t like, but may have a gadget to help him lay low. After Lance accidentally consumes a test liquid, he is turned into a pigeon. While Lance waits for Walter to create an antidote, pigeon Lance must clear his name, evade agents after him, and stop a robot handed villain from attacking all H.T.U.V. agents. Along the way, Lance begins to bond with Walter and sees the good that he can do. 

“Spies In Disguise” doesn’t play out like your standard animated film let alone other Blue Sky Studios efforts. The tone is unique, it has a darker edge to it at times, and it’s very action heavy. This all adds up to a refreshingly James Bondian esque experience. Naturally, many of the Bond tropes are here as the stylish film has a healthy dose of action set pieces, clever gadgets, a nefarious villain, and a character in Walter who is very much like Q. What sets this apart from Bond is, obviously, the bird element, but also some touching positive messages about peaceful defensive solutions (as opposed to violence) and teamwork. Given that this is an animated film, there is plenty of humor sprinkled in but there’s never an overwhelming amount. The best bits tend to come from the other bird characters who are just helpful bird sidekicks. 

The animation work here is nothing if not impressive. The character models are pretty standard, but the detailed environments and objects are stunning. 

Finally, there’s the voice talent. Will Smith makes Lance his own while Tom Holland is very much the heart of the film as Walter. Is there nothing Holland can’t do? DJ Khaled deserves a shout-out as the scene stealing agent Ears. 


Presentation: 2.39:1 1080p. How does it look? A crisp and colorful hi-def transfer.

Audio Track: 7.1 DTS-HD MA. How does it sound? From the drones to the explosions, this is a dynamic 7.1 track.
* DVD copy
* Digital copy
* Music videos for Mark Ronson and The Last Artful Dodgr’s “Freak of Nature” and Mark Ronson and Anderson ,Paak’s “Then There Were Two.” Making of featurettes for both are also included.
* “Infiltrating Blue Sky Studios”- A studio tour featuring interviews as well as a look at different departments.
* “The Top Secret Guide To Gadgets”- A look at various gadgets.
* Image gallery
* “Spies In Disguise” theatrical trailer
* The option to play the movie in Super Secret Spy Mode which contains pop-up facts and easter eggs.

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