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Beverly Hills Cop Trilogy Blu-ray Review


The Beverly Hills Cop Trilogy gets remastered with this new Blu-ray release.

1984’s monster hit “Beverly Hills Cop is the first and best in the series. The Martin Brest directed R-Rated action comedy is a simple tale of a Detroit cop (Axel Foley) who investigates the murder of a friend and is led to Beverly Hills to find the culprits. The film is fueled by a great soundtrack featuring songs like “The Heat Is On” and “Stir It Up” and an iconic score by Harold Faltermeyer, but it’s Eddie Murphy that really makes this an enduring classic. This is quite simply peak Eddie Murphy. Murphy’s fast-talking and wisecracking cop character Axel Foley is a real treasure in cinema history. From his infectious laugh to his unorthodox methods, how can you not love the character? Of course, Murphy isn’t the only highlight here cast wise. Judge Reinhold (Billy), John Ashcroft (Taggart), and Ronny Cox (Lt. Bogomil) all turn in great performances and have wonderful chemistry with Murphy. Really, it’s the cast that elevates an otherwise ordinary story. They breathe life into the story and have great comedic timing.

The Tony Scott directed follow-up “Beverly Hills Cop 2” never reaches the heights of the first film, but has its fair share amounts. This time the story concerns Axel Foley returning to Beverly Hills after Lt. Bogomil is shot and nearly killed. There’s also a crime spree going on dubbed the Alphabet Crimes which may or may not be related to Bogomil’s injury. Once again, Axel teams up with Taggart and Billy to solve the case.

The script is rather lazy and derivative and even mirrors the structure and beats of the first in several cases. However, there is a lot to like. Paul Reiser has more to do here, there’s some amusing jokes, Judge Reinhold’s Billy character steals the movie, Brigitte Nielsen is a memorable baddie, and there is infinitely more action here.

The John Landis directed “Beverly Hills Cop 3” deserves credit for putting a large majority of the story in a new setting with the fictional Wonder World theme park, but the lackluster, repetitious, and flat script shows the franchise was out of gas here. Eddie Murphy isn’t quite as engaged this time around either in this story about Axel going after the killer of his Detroit Police boss. The third entry is also sorely missing the presence of Taggart. Granted, Billy and Serge do appear here, but they are very cartoonish this time around. The lone highlights include some great cameos by the likes of George Lucas, Joe Dante, and John Singleton and an impressive malfunctioning ride set piece with some great stunt work.


Presentation: 1.78: 1080p for the first 2 and 2.35:1 1080p for the third film. How do they look? Truth be told, the picture quality is the main selling point of this Blu-ray set. The films (which have been remastered in 4K) have never looked better. The image clarity is sharper and the colors are crisper. All 3 films look fantastic with the third film looking the best.

Audio Track: 5.1 DTS-HD MA. How do they sound? While perhaps lacking the audio depth of modern films, the 5.1 tracks nonetheless provide quality sound for all three films.


* 2 deleted scenes from “Beverly Hills Cop.”

* Theatrical trailer for “Beverly Hills Cop.”

* Featurettes on “The Music Of Beverly Hills Cop” and “A Glimpse Inside The Casting Process.”

* A location map of shooting locations

* “BHC Mixtape ’84”- Jump to 6 of the songs from the film.

* “Behind The Scenes: 1984 Interviews”- A 4 part extra with interviews from the set.

* “Beverly Hills Cop- The Phenomenon Begins”- A 29 minute featurette

* A¬† solo commentary by Martin Brest on “Beverly Hills Cop.”








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