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Terminator: Dark Fate 4K UHD Review


“Terminator: Dark Fate” entertains.

The sixth installment in the Terminator franchise (“Terminator: Dark Fate) ignores the events of the third, fourth, and fifth films along with “The Sarah Connor Chronicles” TV series. In this outing, a new Terminator known as Rev-9 is sent to the year 2020 to take out a young woman named Dani who has an important future. A mysterious cybernetically enhanced soldier (Grace) is assigned to protect Dani. How do Sarah Connor and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Terminator character play into this? Well, that would be telling.


After two lackluster sequels (I happen to think ‘Rise of the Machines’ is underrated), “Terminator: Dark Fate” goes back to basics with “Terminator: Dark Fate.” This time around Tim Miller (“Deadpool”) handles the directing reigns while James Cameron produces (he also co-created the story). As an R-rated sci-fi action film and a sequel, ‘Dark Fate’ is an entertaining blockbuster that delivers intense action (albeit a bit overdone and too familiar), a great cast of characters (I’ll get to that shortly), and even some timely messages about technological advancements and immigration. Sure, the movie is essentially one big chase that doesn’t break a lot of new ground, but I doubt many were expecting such ingenuity from a sixth entry in a franchise.


What really makes “Terminator: Dark Fate” as enjoyable as it is is the ensemble cast. It’s great to see Linda Hamilton return to the franchise as Sarah Connor and it’s even more fascinating to see how the character has evolved since we last saw her. Arnold Schwarzenegger gives his best performance in the post Governor era in a role I won’t touch upon due to spoilers. Natalia Reyes does a fine job as the new John Connor Dani. Gabriel Luna (Rev-9) is a convincing and menacing baddie. The real star, however, is Mackenzie Davis who is the best part of the entire film as the mysterious Grace. Not only is she a great new character, but she’s a total bad-ass.


Even though this is largely breezy fun, the sequel is not without its faults. As a continuation of the second film, ‘Dark Fare’ is often puzzling. Not only does it do an absolute disservice to the character (and legacy) of John Conor, but the initial twist on Schwarzenegger’s Terminator really feels pointless. Why go down that path again even if the end result is different? This sequel also tends to get stuck in the shadow of T2 as it mimics beats, action scenes, and even the villain who is basically a new version of the T-1000.




Presentation: 2.39:1 2160p. How does it look? This is the type of disc you demo for 4K picture quality. It’s that good.


Audio Track: Dolby Atmos. How does it sound? You cannot ask for better sound. This Armos track is loud and dynamic.


* Blu-ray copy
* Digital copy
* 6 deleted/extended scenes
* “A Legend Reforged”- A featurette about this new sequel
* “World Builders”- A look at the scale and action of ‘Dark Fate.’
* “Dam Busters: The Final Showdown”- A featurette on the climactic sequence.
* “VFX: The Dragonfly”- A glimpse into the pre-prod, prod and post-prod of a sequence.


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