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Jexi Blu-ray Review


“Jexi” is a one joke movie.

“Jexi” centers around Phil who has always been obsessed with phones and, as such, his social and love life suffers because of it. He’s also stuck in a unfulfilling job when he really wants to be a journalist. After an accident breaks his phone, Phil gets a new one that is decidedly unlike the norm. The phone’s name is Jexi and she’s sassy, obscene, insulting, defective, and yet she wants to make Phil’s life better. With some encouragement, Phil begins to move outside of his comfort zone and live his life although he has to face numerous obstacles along the way (including the problematic Jexi).

“Jexi” is essentially a comedic and less sophisticated version of the great “Her.” It’s a not so subtle 84 minute one joke movie about society’s over reliance on phones and technology. The comedy isn’t witty, the story offers no new insights, the romance is cliched, and the film is littered with pop song fueled montages, but if you like dumb, fast paced comedies, you might find yourself laughing it up with this Jon Lucas and Scott Moore directed and scripted film.

The cast definitely elevates “Jexi.” Adam Devine of “Workaholics” fame does a commendable job in the lead role especially since he basically has to converse with a phone for the majority of the runtime. The supporting cast comprised of Alexandra Shipp, Rose Byrne (as Jexi), Charlene Yi, Kid Cudi, Wanda Sykes, and Justin Hartley all have memorable roles. The real scene stealer, however, is Michael Peña as an eccentric tech boss. Truthfully, the movie should have starred him.


Presentation: 2.39:1 1080p. How does it look? A quality hi-def transfer with crisp colors.

Audio Track: 5.1 DTS-HD MA. How does it sound? From the music to the voice of Jexi, this track does the job.

* Lionsgate trailers
* Digital copy
* “Jexi: Making Life Better”- A 21 minute featurette with film clips, set footage, interviews, discussions about the project and production, etc.
* “Unboxing Jexi”- A featurette on the phone prop, the voice on set, and Rose Byrne’s voice acting.
* “Filming In Fog City”- All about location shooting in San Francisco.
* “Tech Bros”- Cast and crew give their definitions of tech bros.
* “Phone Fixation”- Cast and crew talk about their phone usage.


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