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From Beyond The Grave Blu-ray Review


“From Beyond The Grave” is a passable horror anthology film.

In this Amicus British horror anthology film, the story centers around the Temptations Limited antique store run by a mysterious shop owner. Each of the 4 stories told within “From Beyond The Grave” is spun out of a customer who purchases an item at the store. The first tale (“The Gatecrasher”) involves a mirror housing a blood hungry man, tale number 2 (“An Act Of Kindness”) concerns a troubled family and an eerie father and daughter, story three (“The Elemental”) finds a man (Reggie) stuck with an invisible elemental feeding off of him, and finally the last story (“The Door”) revolves around the creepy titular item which opens a door to a secret room with a dark secret to put it in non-spoiler terms.

Don’t take any notice of the cool cover art as it is not representative of 1974’s “From Beyond The Grave” whatsoever. Instead, it’s merely one of the many Amicus Production horror anthology films (not to be confused with Hammer films). While far from being one of the best Amicus films (“Tales From The Crypt” being their crown jewel), it’s still an admirable effort especially if you love this subgenre of horror cinema. None of the stories are classics by any means, but they each have their own intrigue, atmosphere, and thrills. The best of the lost is easily “The Elemental” which manages to be an intense story that also leaves a lot to the imagination.

In typical Amicus fashion, the cast is loaded with stars like Donald Pleasence, David Warner, Lesley Anne Down, Diana Dors and Peter Cushing. Cushing steals the movie entirely as the nameless antique store owner. I would have been perfectly happy if the movie had just been about his character.


Presentation: 1.85:1 1080p. How does it look? Expect a wonderful hi-def upgrade

Audio Track: 2.0 DTS-HD MA. How does it sound? In a word, impressive.

The lone extra is a “From Beyond The Grave” trailer.

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