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Star Wars: Spark Of The Resistance Book Review


“Star Wars: Spark of the Resistance” is an involving adventure.

“Star Wars: Spark Of The Resistance” (which is part of the “Journey To The Rise Of Skywalker” line of media) is a Justina Ireland novel set after the events of “Star Wars: The Last Jedi.” We (the reader) catch up with Rey, Rose, Poe, and BB-8 who have been traveling around the galaxy and gathering supplies for the Resistance on board the Porg filled Millennium Falcon. Amidst their journey, the Falcon receives a distress call from the Planet Minfar saying that the First Order has arrived. It seems the FO led by the glory seeking Commander Spiftz and a mysterious scientist named Glenna Kip are looking for a dangerous weapon known as the Echo Horn. Rey and co. decide to travel to Minfar to help the locals (known as the Zixon), but they soon find themselves in a heap of trouble as they encounter First Order entanglements, Minfar dangers, knowledge about the deadly Echo Horn, and discover that the Falcon is in desperate need of repairs.

“Star Wars: Spark Of The Resistance” feels like a good old fashioned Star Wars adventure and I’m here for it. The fast paced journey is filled with everything you could want from a SW story- creatures, mysteries, world building, mythology, characterization, battles, and humor. Ireland does a fine job of keeping readers up to speed on the current state of the characters and also excels at capturing Rey and BB-8 in particular. The highlight of ‘Spark,’ however, is the new character Glenna who has the most intriguing storyline by far. I won’t give away any spoilers as to who she is or what her role in the story is, but she certainly livens things up.

While it may be a quick and enjoyable read, the book is not without its flaws. For me, the depiction of Poe felt rather off. He’s often seen as cartoony, dumb, and egocentric. It’s like he has learned nothing over the last 2 movies which I found odd. Rose is written well and is consistent with her character in “The Last Jedi,” but she doesn’t have much to do here. Granted, she has a few moments, but she feels like the odd character out in the grand scheme of the story. As for the First Order, they feel a bit too incompetent here. It never once felt like that this was the same threatening villainous organization that tightened their grip on the galaxy and obliterated most of the Resistance in Episode 8.

Overall Thoughts: Flaws aside, “Star Wars: Spark Of The Resistance” is well worth reading as you wait for Episode 9 to hit theaters in 2 months time.

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