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Infini-T Force Blu-ray Review


“Infini-T Force” is a fun, but flawed anime series.

In this 12 episode crossover event anime series, the story revolves a teen girl (Emi) in Tokyo who is going through the motions in life until she encounters a big mysterious pencil (yes, you read that) which is actually a powerful object known as the Case. Moreover, she meets heroes from different dimensions including Gatchaman G-01 (Ken), Tekkaman (Joji), Hurricane Polymar (Takeshi), and Casshan (Tetsuya). It seems that a world destroying villain known as Z is traveling through dimensions and destroying them with the Case which Emi now possesses. Z and a few other baddies (namely Damian and Bell) covet the Case and are trying to get it back. Just who is this Z? The revelation will prove to be shocking to someone in this tale.

The plot of “Infini-T Force” is basically immaterial. It feels like a slapped together story with dimensions, battles, world destruction, realities, a big bad, and a powerful object. Basically, it’s full of familiar tropes rolled into one continuous story. What viewers will be tuning in for here is the supergroup (if you will) of characters from the Tatsunoko Production Company series “Science Ninja Team Gatchaman,” “Casshan,” “Hurricane Polymar” and “Tekkaman: The Space Knight.” While team-ups are common in things like Marvel and DC, it’s not something that is often seen in anime series. Yes, it’s essentially one big piece of fan service that may overjoy anyone who grew up with these characters (although the characters may not be exactly the same as they were here), but so what? There’s something fun about seeing beloved characters on screen together and interacting with one another even if the story around them is subpar.

As for the CGI animation by Digital Frontier, it’s uneven. The action (especially the aerial battles) is very fluid, colorful and stunning, but the character models look wonky, dead eyed, and a bit robotic at times.


Presentation: Widescreen 1080p. How does it look? Expect a crisp and colorful transfer.

Audio Track: English and Japanese Stereo. How does it sound? The English dub is solid but the original language Japanese track is the better choice naturally.

* Clean opening and ending
* 3 art galleries
* Trailers for other Viz Media titles

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