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Star Wars Celebration 2019 Wish List


Today is the day! After what seems like ages of waiting, Star Wars Celebration is back (this time in Chicago). Alas, I will not be attending, but I will certainly follow the news and watch the official Star Wars channel livestreams with great interest. As with the past few Celebrations, I have written up a list of things I’d like to see. Some are almost a guarantee while others are more wishful thinking. How much of this will come true? We’ll have to see. On with the list!

1. “The Mandalorian” Trailer- While many are no doubt clamoring for the Episode 9 trailer (I’ll get to that next), I am most eager to see footage from the forthcoming Disney+ series “The Mandalorian.” Outside of a Boba Fett series or film, this is pretty much a dream series for me. A show involving Bounty Hunters, Mandalorian(s), and the criminal underworld is something that is long overdue. It doesn’t hurt that Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni are involved either!

2. Episode 9 Trailer- It seems like a sure thing that we will finally see a trailer for Episode 9 (and hopefully get a title at long last too). Although I was personally underwhelmed by Episodes 7 and 8, I am still curious to see how this trilogy closes out especially with Lando and perhaps The Knights of Ren being featured.

3. Obi-Wan Series- Rumors have been circulating that an Obi-Wan series is on the horizon. While there’s no panel for it, it could be a surprise announcement. There are few things fans want more than to see Ewan McGregor reprise the legendary Jedi (myself included).

4. New Film Announcement- While many films are being worked on, it’s kind of crazy that there are no films scheduled or dated after Episode 9. Again, there is no panel for a new film, but it would be the perfect time to announce the next SW film (hopefully the long rumored Old Republic Benioff and Weiss movie).

5. Jedi: Fallen Order Trailer- As an avid fan of SW video games, I’m stoked to get a glimpse of this fall’s new game. Given that we know virtually nothing about this game and have yet to see any footage, I am eager to see how this game plays.

6. “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” New Season- After learning that the Clone Wars would be resurrected, fans have been salivating to see what new story arcs we’ll be watching in the not too distant future. I’d imagine the panel will reveal many details.

7. New Lego Series- The various Lego series don’t get a lot of attention or press, but having seen them, I can say they are a lot of fun. Will the underrated “Freemaker Adventures” come back? Will there be a new series? Time will tell.

8. Galaxy’s Edge- It should come as no surprise that the hotly anticipated Disney theme park land will have its own panel. Like many SW fans, I am deeply curious how immersive and groundbreaking this new addition to the happiest place on Earth will be.

9. “Star Wars Resistance” Season 2 Trailer- The first season of the new animated series was very hit-and-miss but it ended on a strong note. Will the second season be a big step forward much like the post season one seasons of “Star Wars Rebels” and “Star Wars: The Clone Wars’? A new trailer may be able to shed light on that.

10. New Book and Comic Book Announcements- While there are plenty of books and comics set to be released this year, I’d wager Lucasfilm Press, Del Rey and Marvel will announce brand new titles including some Episode 9 and “The Mandalorian” tie-ins.


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