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Dick Tracy: Dead Or Alive Issue 4 Comic Book Review


Issue 4 closes out “Dick Tracy: Dead Or Alive.”

In the fourth and final issue of writers Michael and Lee Allred’s “Dick Tracy: Dead Or Alive” mini-series, Dick Tracy searches for Janus but runs into a lounge singer who he has a history with named Smokin’ Hott AKA Tess. However, Tess has a secret of her own. As the story progresses, Tracy hopes to crack down on all of the villains, clear his name, save the day, and clean up the police corruption. Seems easy enough…

After three enjoyable issues, the fourth issue feels a bit limp as it wraps up everything a bit too cleanly. There were a lot of plots to resolve and Tracy certainly had a lot of work to do in this issue alongside his new allies so it was odd to see everything resolve in a very rushed and anti-climactic way. Had the Allreds spaced things out more throughout the four issues it would have fixed issues in regards to pacing and storytelling. Still, at the end of the day, this series does succeed in feeling like the beginning of a new era for the iconic character if IDW decides to make more Tracy comics down the line that is.

Artist Rich Tommaso, inker Michael Allred, and colorists Laura and Han Allred once again knock it out of the park art wise. The past meets present visual style is the perfect combination for a modern Tracy comic series and you can tell Tommaso reveled in getting to dip his toes into the world of Dick Tracy.

As with the other issues, this comic contains a Dick Tracy timeline, IDW comic ads and a cover art gallery.

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