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Paw Patrol: Pawsome Collection DVD Review


Fans of “Paw Patrol” will flip for this 3-DVD set.

For those that are unaware, the “Paw Patrol: Pawsome Collection” 3-DVD set contains the DVD releases “Sports Day,” “Meet Everest!” and “Marshall And Chase On The Case!” Featured within these discs are the following 12 minute episodes from various seasons: “Pups Save A Basketball Game,” “Pup-Fu!,” “Pups Save The Mayor’s Race,” “Pups Save A Snowboard Competition,” “Pups Save The Soccer Game,” “Air Pups,” “The New Pup,” “Pups And The Big Freeze,” “Pups Save The Deer,” “Pups Make A Splash,” “Pups Save A School Day,” “Pups And The Trouble With Turtles,” “Pups Save A Flying Frog,” “Puppy Pit Crew,” “Pups Fight Fire,” “Pups Save A Hoedown,” “Pups Save Alex,” “Pups Save A Monkey,” “Pups Save A Hoot,” “Pups And The Lighthouse Boogie,” and “Pups Save Ryder.” The episodes revolve around a human boy (Ryder) and a team of heroic pups with their own specific specialties. The pups include Marshall (firefighter/paramedic), Skye (aviation specialist), Chase (police and spy dog), Rubble (construction expert), Rocky (recycling expertise), and Zuma (water rescue dog). Together, they fix broken things, embark on search and rescue missions for objects and animals, save a boat, engage in sporting events, etc. Other key plots involve a boy named Alex, the introduction of a new pup named Everest, bad weather, and other supporting characters like Cali the cat, Chickaletta the chicken, and the troublesome Mayor Humdinger (a bizarre choice for a villain).

Having long heard about the hit Nickelodeon CGI animated series that has struck a chord with young children, I was curious to see what all the fuss was about. While it has limited appeal for older audiences, it’s not hard to see why younger folks treasure this show. It has all the elements that make up a hit children’s show. There’s action oriented missions, there’s vehicles and cool tech (each dog has their own vehicle), there’s humor, there’s catch phrases, there are songs, and there’s adorable pups that talk (all of which are voiced by child actors).

As I mentioned above, this largely formulaic show is pretty much strictly for kids and that’s perfectly fine. Every demographic should have entertainment made for them. While the content isn’t very challenging, I admire the fact that the show is filled with positive messages and storylines about helping others, working together, and never giving up.


Presentation: Widescreen. How does it look? The CGI animation is pretty basic but the transfers for the episodes are crisp for standard def.

Audio Track: Dolby Digital 5.1 for ‘Sports’ and ‘Everest’ and Stereo for ‘Case.’ How do they sound? The 5.1 tracks obviously are obviously superior but the Mono track does the job.

Extras: “Pup, Pup And Away! Video Storybook”


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