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My Name Is Julia Ross Blu-ray Review


“My Name Is Julia Ross” is involving, but the script has issues.

Based on Anthony Gilbert’s novel ‘The Woman In Red,” “My Name Is Julia Ross” is a 1945 mystery-thriller/film noir. The story involves a young woman named Julia Ross who is looking for work. She gets a job as a secretary for a widow named Mrs. Hughes, but the job turns out to be non-existent. Instead, Julia is drugged and gaslighted by Mrs. Hughes and her deranged son Ralph into believing that she is the wife of Ralph and that her name is Marion. Worse still, they have moved from London to Cornwall without anyone knowing. Can Marion escape and or get word to her lover (of sorts) Dennis to where she is located? Why is she being held captive? All is revealed in the end.

Directed by Joseph H. Lewis, “My Name Is Julia Ross” is yet another film noir by the director that has an entirely different feel from his other work. This particular film is more in line with “Gaslight” and the filmography of Alfred Hitchcock. It’s a very simple, quick, disturbing, but ultimately powerful story about a strong woman who is fighting through her capture with the determination to get free from the hell she is living in.

Even though the story has a lot of emotion behind it, it is not without its flaws. Writer Muriel Roy Bolton certainly could have delved more into the psychological terror and effects of Julia’s capture. Instead, we get a far too cheery ending that wraps up everything in a nice little bow. It did not fit the rest of the movie to say the least. Additionally, the lack of Dennis in the film is a bit puzzling. Seeing more of him and how he feels about Julia would have greatly helped the story and the one-note middle act.

Cast wise, there are two notable performances here. Nina Foch does a fine job in the title role. She really does carry the story. If you didn’t invest in her character, the movie wouldn’t have worked. George Macready is intensely creepy as the unhinged, stab happy Ralph.


Presentation: 1.37:1 1080p. How does it look? The 2K Restoration offers up a crisp transfer of the film. You really get a glimpse of the impressive lighting work here.

Audio Track: Uncompressed PCM Mono. How does it sound? A quality Mono track through and through.

* A booklet featuring pictures, an essay by film critic Adrian Martin, and credits.
* “My Name Is Julia Ross” trailer.
* “Identity Crisis: Joseph H. Lewis At Columbia”- Writer Nora Fiore discusses the themes and other aspects of “My Name Is Julia Ross.”
* An informative but somewhat bland scripted commentary by author Alan K. Rode.

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