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Star Wars Adventures: Destroyer Down Issue 3 Comic Book Review


The third issue of “Star Wars Adventures: Destroyer Down” offers up a satisfying ending.

In the final issue of this mini-series, the comic kicks off with the third part of writer Scott Beatty’s “Destroyer Down” arc. While on board the Star Destroyer Spectral on Jakku, both Rey and a group of scavengers (including Sarco Plank) run into some trouble in the form of a droid. Meanwhile, Rey is still trying to score the fuel pump.

While the end is a bit cartoony with the whole rations element, this final story wraps up the arc pretty nicely. I was glad to see that Sarco Plank had more of a role here as he was fairly underutilized in the first two issues. The final page with him and Rey was a particularly nice moment I thought (no spoilers here). One thing is for certain, the story is made better by the “Forces of Destiny” esque artwork by Derek Charm which perfectly suits the story being told.

“The Ghost Ship Part 3” (also written by Scott Beatty) finds Rebel pilot Lt. Bak Rychuk and his droid Zeet on board the Spectral which is now orbiting Jakku just at the start of the infamous battle. Bak vows to take the ship down, but will he be able to do so?

It would have been nice if “The Ghost Ship” stories were longer as I felt this story arc had more depth than “Destroyer Down.” What we do get, however, is a fast-paced and eventful prequel story to ‘Destroyer’ that ends on a high note. The only real downside here is the inconsistent art by Jon Sommariva. Some character shots (specifically Bak) look on point while others like the Stormtroopers look wonky. Luckily, Matt Herms stylized color work really stands out and adds emotion and atmosphere to the panels.

The comic concludes with a cover art gallery and IDW comic ads.

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