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Halloween (2018) Blu-ray Review


The Shape returns in a poor sequel.

40 years after the original film (this sequel/reboot ignores all of the sequels), a duo of podcasters visit Michael Myers in a sanitarium prior to his transfer to another facility. To no surprise, Michael later escapes mid-transfer. Meanwhile in Haddonfield, Laurie has become an isolated alcoholic and survivalist. Her relationship with her daughter and family has also become a bit strained to say the least. However, she is more than prepared for the day Michael Myers returns. And returns he does.

Upon release, many horror fans and Halloween franchise fans rallied around this reboot/sequel from Blumhouse. I am not in this camp. I don’t often come away frustrated and angry by a movie, but this one had that effect on me. As someone who grew up on the Halloween franchise, the lazy script by Danny McBride, Jeff fradley and David Gordon Green (who also directs) was an endless source of aggravation due to the overabundance of plot holes and nagging questions. How did Michael Myers get captured again (kind of important considering he’s an unstoppable killing machine)? Why was Laurie Strode depicted as a Ted Nugent esque survivalist? Why not keep the storyline of Laurie being Michael’s sister? Why do characters randomly disappear from the story? Why and how does Michael Myers magically show up at locations in record time? Why are there so many eye-rolling callbacks? Why bother setting up the podcast angle for the first half-hour only to abandon it? Who thought the twist with Dr. Sartain was a good idea? Why shoot “Halloween” in the south and make it look nothing like Haddonfield? These are not nitpicks, mind you. These are legitimate flaws that drag this movie down.

The character work doesn’t fare much better here. The notion of Laurie suffering from PTSD, becoming a survivalist, and being broken had a lot of potential, but unfortunately, it’s not remotely subtle. That’s not a knock on Jamie Lee Curtis at all who is her usual bad-ass self. Again, it’s all on the script. You know the character has been done a disservice when you spend much of the runtime reminiscing about her character in “Halloween: H20” and how much better of a sequel that was. The characters of Karen and Allyson (Laurie’s daughter and granddaughter) could have been great additions to canon, but they are underdeveloped. There was a real opportunity to have 3 strong women/family members banding together to stop Myers, but aside from the ending (which I’ll get to), we (the audience) don’t get to spend enough time with these characters.

“Halloween” (2018) is not without a few positive aspects. The conclusion is satisfying (although is it really an ending with sequels sure to come?), there are a number of atmospheric sequences (namely the motion detecting light scene), Michael Myers comes across as more brutal (which should please horror junkies), and the characters of Vicky and Julian are delightful (although their screentime is severely limited). The best part of the movie however is the score by Daniel Davies and Cody and John Carpenter. It’s a great mix of new and old music. It’s a shame Carpenter wasn’t more involved in the movie itself…


Presentation: 2.39:1 1080p. How does it look? Expect a quality hi-def transfer.

Audio Track: DTS: X. How does it sound? An excellent audio track. The score especially sounds crisp and clear.

* Digital copy.
* DVD copy.
* Universal trailers
* 7 deleted/extended scenes. At least you get some resolution for the Cameron character randomly disappearing in the film here (although it’s unremarkable in every way).
* “Back In Haddonfield: Making Halloween” contains film clips, set footage, interviews, discussions about this sequel and its characters, etc.
* “The Original Scream Queen”- Jamie Lee Curtis and Laurie Strode gets the spotlight in this short featurette.
* “The Sound Of Fear”- This extra is all about the best part of the film (the score).
* “Journey Of The Mask” centers around the new Michael Myers mask.
* “The Legacy Of Halloween”- A quick roundtable discussion with Jason Blum, Jamie Lee Curtis, David Gordon Green and John Carpenter. Wish this was longer.

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