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Dragon Quest Illustrations Book Review


“Dragon Quest Illustrations” is a fine tribute to Akira Toryama’s art.

Beloved artist Akira Toriyama is perhaps best known as the creator of the iconic “Dragon Ball” franchise, but he’s also been linked to other major projects. The long-running video game series “Dragon Quest” is one of those projects.

In celebration of the 30th anniversary of the “Dragon Quest” franchise (although it’s been 33 years at this point), Viz Media’s “Dragon Quest Illustrations” is a collection of Toriyama’s stunning artwork for the entire series from the first game to the tenth installment. Expect to see a double sided fold-out poster (one side has a group of characters and the other has a timeline of the franchise), package art from the various game releases from Famicom to Playstation 4, books and magazine covers, character designs in color and monochrome, unused designs, guide art, character expressions and alternate forms, and 5 sections to devoted spin-off characters and series such as “Dragon Quest Monsters,” “Kenshin Dragon Quest,” and “Dragon Quest Heroes.” As an added bonus, you get an intro by Toriyama talking about his involvement with the art of DQ, a glimpse at “Dragon Quest 11” (which has since been released), an analysis of his illustrations by the staff of “V Jump,” and a message from series game designer Yuji Horii which closes out the book.

If you’re a die hard fan of the fantasy video game series “Dragon Quest,” this art book is sure to be up your alley. Not only do you get a wide overview of package art game by game, but you get literally hundreds of character designs of everyone from Knight Errant and The Hero to Evil Bush and Hulagan (what a creature design!). Of course, the big bad bosses get plenty of spotlights as well. Perhaps the most appealing aspect is that you get to see wild creature designs that were unused and didn’t make the cut. That is a major selling point to be sure.

Simply put, there’s so much imaginative and colorful world building on display here that it’s hard not to be in awe of Toriyama’s legendary work. Check out “Dragon Quest Illustrations” and see for yourself.

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