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Star Wars Adventures: Destroyer Down Issue 2 Comic Book Review


The second issue of “Star Wars Adventures: Destroyer Down” lacks progress.

“Star Wars Adventures: Destroyer Down” #2 kicks off with the second episode of the “Destroyer Down” story arc. The story finds Rey continuing to make her way into the Spectral slowly. As she does so, she encounters a certain droid who may be of assistance. Meanwhile, a group of other troublesome scavengers are hot on her trail. In the second part of “The Ghost Ship,” the Spectral is en route to Jakku, but it’s not alone in its travels as a Y-Wing is traveling along with it.

Considering this is a three issue arc, it’s a little frustrating at how little happens in this Scott Beatty written comic (particularly in the “Destroyer Down” story). It feels like there should be more forward movement here or at least more adventure and excitement. “The Ghost Ship” part 2 fares a little better here despite being super short. This story at least ends on an intense cliffhanger which will eventually tie into the “Destroyer Down” story. With all of that said, I’m still on board to see how all this plays out in the third and final issue.

Once again, the art is worthy of praise. Derek Charm maintains his colorful “Forces of Destiny” esque art while Jon Sommariva creates more vivid pieces in “The Ghost Ship.” My only criticism with the latter’s work is the strange long necked stormtroopers in the final panel.

The comic ends with a cover art gallery and IDW ads.

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